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OLYMPUS Pro Photographer Showdown Finalists Announced


Whistler, BC (March 11, 2011) — The OLYMPUS Pro Photographer Showdown call for entries attracted participants from the world over, including but not limited to, Spain, Germany, Australia, Japan, and North America. Pro Photographer Showdown is an unparalleled celebration of still images and of the commitment shown to build a body of work that captures time and captivates the human spirit. The devotion and commitment that it takes to be successful in the photography field is impressive, but to find success in the action sports photography industry is an achievement that most could not even imagine. A panel of 5 esteemed judges reviewed the overwhelming response of 41 submissions, with six finalists being chosen to present their work at the TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival on Thursday April 21st to be in the running for the $10,000 Grand Prize. The six finalists are required to submit a 9 minute slideshow, set to music, of their best images. The theme and subject matter submitted for the Pro Photographer Showdown spanned snowboarding, skiing, surfing, skateboarding, mountain biking and other extreme sports, a much wider variety of subject matter than in previous years. Event producer Lilli Clark says “this year’s response was unprecedented and of an amazingly high calibre, which is indicative of the value of the Pro Photographer Showdown in this industry, and of the commitment and talent among the entering photographers.” Clark goes on to note that this year’s line-up of finalists features the first voted-in woman, and that this is a great step forward in broadening the appeal and reach of action sports photography.

2011 OLYMPUS Pro Photographer Showdown Finalists:

Re Wikstrom:

Re Wikstrom is a top photographer in the ski industry specializing in shooting female skiers. Her work has been seen across the globe in the likes of Powder, Skiing, Freeskier, Backcountry Magazine, The Ski Journal, Down Days Journal, and has been given honors in national and international competitions. It began with a passion for skiing and an internship with Powder and Bike Magazines. Eight years later Re is still pursuing her mission of supporting women’s freeskiing while also working as a full time staff photographer for When not shooting photos of ripping women in the winter, she can be found go-karting, laughing, mountain biking, or camping anywhere within a 5 to 25 hour drive of Salt Lake City.

Blake Jorgenson:

Known and respected for his dramatic composition and his ability to keep up with the riders he photographs, Jorgenson has worked his way to the top of his field. He has won several prestigious industry awards, including the Pro Photographer Showdown at Whistler’s World Ski and Snowboard Festival and Powder Magazine’s Photo of the Year and has shot photos in exotic locales such as the Gobi Desert in China, Mount Kenya in Africa, Nepal, Chile, the Australian Outback and Alaska as well as his home turf of Whistler and other parts of British Columbia. He is currently recognized as a senior photographer by Powder and Skier magazines and his work is sought by heavyweight advertising clients such as Rossignol, Helly Hansen, Oakley, Salomon, Red Bull and Nike.

Bryn Hughes:

Born and raised in the dense rainforests of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Bryn began shooting photos as a teen, hit the Coast Mountains full time in 1996 and spent the next 14 years of his life documenting some of the planets most talented skiers, snowboarders and balls out adrenaline fiends.

Of course, living/working/playing (sometimes it’s hard to discern which is which) in the mountains gave Bryn ample opportunity to study natural light and capture stunning, moody landscape shots b