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RAMP Sports Announces Giant Upcycle Project


Project Upcycle

Win up to $4,000 in Skis, Snowboards, and Longboards 

Park City, UT (August 21, 2014) RAMP Sports announces Project Upcycle, a contest to discover the most innovative approach to upcycling scrap from the RAMP factory’s ski and snowboard production, with $4,000 in skis, snowboards, and longboards from RAMP Sports up for grabs.

With continual growth comes continual scrap material. RAMP has collected over 2,000 4-foot strips of byproduct made of fiberglass, bamboo, Kevlar, carbon, and pine-based epoxy from the manufacturing of their skis and snowboards. The scrap must be gone by November 1, 2014 to make way for winter production. 

Contestants are encouraged to think outside the ‘box’ to reach out within the community and talk to anyone who might have an upcycle use for the scrap including ranchers, transportation departments, artists, communal gardens, other manufacturers, and community developers. Some examples of ideas brainstormed as uses include ranch fencing, highway snow barrier, dog park fence, landscaping backfill, erosion prevention backfill, and strengthening manufactured lumber. 

“At RAMP, we are always looking for the most forward thinking and sustainable practices and technologies to use in the production of our skis and snowboards”, said Mike Kilchenstein, CESnow of RAMP Sports. “We hope Project Upcycle will incentivize people to help RAMP discover a long-lasting solution in upcycling our byproduct.”

In the first years of production, RAMP commissioned the famous, and widely photographed, 30-foot Yeti sculpture made completely of factory scrap, that now calls the RAMP Park City factory home. With a strong focus on sustainability and upcycling, RAMP implements numerous eco friendly practices in to their production model along with the company’s most recent audit showing they gave 13% of profits back to the earth. 

Contest Details

  • All scrap must go ASAP! Deadline will be November 1, 2014 for all scrap to be off premises
  • RAMP will assist in transportation of scrap to site for upcycling
  • Contestant must prove the materials were upcycled and not thrown in a landfill
  • Winner will win his/her choice of four RAMP products including skis, snowboards, and/or longboards of their choice, up to $4,000 in total value
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