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Rec-Law Blog has new features new design and new web address!


Major changes, more law, more information and more analysis at

Denver, CO (September 14, 2010) –  James H. “Jim” Moss, author of the Recreation Law blog, has doubled the information that will be available on the blog. The changes include two additional posts each week. One new feature will be an analysis of specific legal decision affecting readers of the blog. The second will be an analysis of general legal issues in the recreation community tackling a broader approach to educate on a legal issue affecting the recreation industry. The new additions will increase posts to four times a week and position the blog as the leading source of legal information in the outdoor recreation world.

There is no source on the web that educates the business owner, adventure travel agency or university student about the issues in this industry. You either go to law school or suffer in silence and in some cases fear.

Posts will follow a new weekly schedule:

  • Monday an analysis of a specific legal case will be posted. Monday’s posts will look at the issues on why a case was won or lost and what can be learned from it.
  • Tuesday’s post will be legal news and analysis of the legal industry.
  • Wednesday will be an analysis of a legal issue affecting a broad range of programs and law. This post will focus on education of the legal issues in the industry.
  • Thursday will be news for the outdoor recreation and adventure travel industry.
  • Friday will be available for breaking news or anything else that strikes my fancy.

Design changes are more than cosmetic.

Besides a new color and design scheme, the blog has incorporated more feedback and ways to ask questions or comment.

  1. Readers will be encouraged to respond with a quick analysis of the articles or post comments about the articles.
  2. The site has added an “ask the lawyer” link to encourage readers to ask specific questions or voice concerns about the legal issues in the recreation, outdoor and adventure travel industry. is designed to provide legal information for people, non-profits, businesses and organization working in the outdoor recreation, adventure travel, and recreation education industry. The analysis of the legal issues is written in a way that non-lawyer can gain valuable insight into how the law, insurance and their risk management will affect their programs.

Jim Moss has spent twenty-years practicing outdoor recreation law. My clients range from university outdoor programs to Everest guide services and equipment manufactures. I’ve been involved in litigation concerning raft companies, mountaineering guide services, canoe liveries, climbing hardware, ropes (challenge) courses and many others. I’ve written over 100 legal articles on the subject and given more than 100 speeches on the topic.

Jim is one of the co-founders of the National Outdoor Book Awards and serve on the board of directors of the Trade Association of Paddlesports, Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education, Galapagos Preservation Society and serve as chairman of the American Alpine Club library committee. I teach a ski area risk management course for Colorado Mountain College both online and a tradit