Industry Press Release

Red Bull Media House’s “eXplorers Adventures of the Century” and “Momentum What Drives You” Join Outside Television’s Rapidly Expanding Slate of Originals


Westport, CT (February 20, 2013) — Outside Television, America’s only network for active outside enthusiasts, and global media company Red Bull Media House are expanding their wide-ranging programming alliance with new original series “eXplorers Adventures of the Century” and “Momentum What Drives You,” set to join the Outside Television line-up within the next few weeks.

Begun last June, Outside Television and Red Bull Media House’s programming relationship has already spawned a primetime adventure film block, regular Red Bull athlete appearances on the daily “Outside Today” and the first of the two’s primetime series collaborations, “Pushing Boundaries.” “eXplorers Adventures of the Century” takes residence in Outside Television’s Friday night line-up beginning this week, while its companion “Momentum What Drives You” makes its Outside Television premiere mid-March. Like those to have come before, the new programs feature prominent Red Bull athletes and personalities, and the partners will use complementary television, online, mobile, print and social media to help benefit the shows.

 ”Our programming alliance with Red Bull Media House enables the two of us to combine compelling storytelling and unique production capabilities to transport some of the world’s most arresting personalities and visually striking locales directly into people’s homes,” says Rob Faris, senior vice president of programming and production for Outside Television. “By uniting so many of our complementary media interests, Red Bull Media House and Outside are already growing the legions of deeply devoted outside enthusiasts and delivering tens of thousands of new converts. We can’t help but think that eXplorers’ and Momentum’ will continue to generate still more.”

Bodies in motion share one fundamental impulse: momentum. “Momentum What Drives You” is an intimate half-hour portrait of the personal factors that motivate some of the most remarkable figures across extreme sports and adventure culture. New episodes feature Red Bull athletes like ASP champion and former surf rookie of the year Mick Fanning, windsurfer Bjorn Dunkerbeck, freeskier Jon Olson and celebrated wakeboarder Parks Bonifay, among others. “Momentum” delves just as deeply into the idealistic outside culture, looking at the creative inspirations to renowned ocean and surf photographer Zak Noyle or what motivates sustainable environment architect Rachel Armstrong, whose innovative approach to construction includes bioengineering and metabolic architecture that actually grows itself.

“Momentum’s” Red Bull companion “eXplorers Adventures of the Century” utilizes eight self-contained half-hours in which an adventurer must exceed conditions presented by the most spectacular places on Earth: the heights of Mount Everest, the depths of the ocean floor, teeming jungles, scintillating Arctic poles and the remotest regions of the African Sub-Sahara included. Upcoming episodes find Swiss ice climbing legend Ueli Steck conquering the Matterhorn and Eiger at record pace without harness or ropes; high-flier Valery Rozov attempting to soar in a wingsuit from the top of Mount Everest; German brothers Alexander and Thomas Huber free climbing iconic Mount Asgard deep inside the Canadian Arctic; South African kayaker Steve Fisher shooting the hostile Zambesi rapids at high waters; or Australian king of the big waves Ross Clarke-Jones riding a mud-festooned barrel of the Pororocoa killer wave, up the Amazon River delta. eXplorers” kicks off with a special one-time sneak preview and then assumes its usual spot anchoring Outside Television’s Friday night line-up beginning February 22. The series will also repea