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Ride Snowboards Drops Final Part of "Because of Snowboarding" Film Series


Seattle, WA (November 20, 2013) — You can describe Ride Snowboards Pro Team rider Jake Blauvelt in many ways, but two words that resonate with the dynamic rider are: Well Balanced. From his aggressive riding to everyday life, Jake focuses tons of his energy on being well balanced. Yes, Jake kills it on the board, but to be able to consistently perform at such a high level demands dedication and hard work. Jake eats well, unplugs from everything by going fly-fishing, and knows he’s super fortunate to be able to do what he does. In the final segment – which drops today – of Ride’s six-part video series “Because of Snowboarding,” Jake brings us into his world of riding by explaining the pressures that surround performing for the camera, his film project “Naturally,” and the importance of having fun snowboarding and “dancing to the beat of your own drum.”

Jake’s segment –

Each series segment is dedicated to highlighting a different pro rider, and captures the personal stories and intimacy each rider has with snowboarding. “Because of Snowboarding” is directed and produced by Crispin Cannon and Shaun Anderson of The Solidarity Union, with a new segment launching each week.

1st segment | Hana Beaman –

2nd segment | Seb Toots –

3rd segment | Alex Cantin – 

4th segment | Marco Feichtner –

5th segment | Austin Hironaka –