Industry Press Release



Park City, UT (August 5, 2008) — As part of their effort to drive more consumers and support to specialty retailers, Rossignol and Dynastar are proud to unveil the most progressive pro sales program ever offered in the winter hardgoods business.

Rossignol and Dynastar began working with Shopatron more than six months ago to build a completely unique, on-line pro sales platform that works in the best interest of specialty retailers and pros everywhere.

As a result of this six-month collaboration, pros will be able to buy their pro gear directly from each brand’s pro-staff site. And any participating pro dealer will be able to fulfill those pro orders through this exclusive new Shopatron pro sales platform which even features an “in-store pick-up” option.

Additionally, Rossignol and Dynastar will continue to promote each participating “Pro Specialist” dealer to their entire pro customer groups.

And, through the brands’ “pro staff” websites, each brand is able to promote its products and interact directly with each pro as part of their marketing strategies.

Rossignol and Dynastar consider this an enhanced opportunity for their retailers to gain and fulfill more pro orders with significantly less effort as well as form more relationships with influencers in their area to be a key ingredient to the success of the specialty retail community.

“More than a year ago, we committed to promoting our specialty retailers as much as our own brands and products to the pro community,” said Rossignol Group president Francois Goulet today. “It’s just good business to support the core of the sport. Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve significantly improved our ability to deliver sales and awareness to our specialty retailers.”

Shopatron’s Industry Director for Sporting Goods, Walt Crate, agrees. “This is a unique sales concept that we’re proud to have been able to develop and implement with Rossignol and Dynastar,” Crate says. “We believe this is the most viable way for leading sporting goods brands to deploy their pro programs and keep specialty retailers included in the process.”

“And because Rossi and Dynastar worked with us to develop this concept,” Crate explains, “no other brands offer the Shopatron-based, dealer fulfillment pro sales concept.”

Retailer reaction has been overwhelming. Rossignol and Dynastar “have been incredibly pro active in their approach to addressing our dealers’ hot-button issues,” says Whit Sobey, hardgoods manager for Sports Specialists LTD, which represents more than 150 independent specialty ski shops. “This is a creative solution that both helps resolve an important issue and creates more opportunities for specialty retailers.”

National Ski and Snowboard Retailers Association President Thomas B. Doyle agrees. “Direct Pro sales without shop involvement and on-line sales access for specialty shops are two major factors hurting shops and NSSRA is pleased at the bold step Rossignol and Dynastar have taken to address these issues.”

While only participating pro specialist dealers will be able to access and fulfill these pro orders, Rossignol and Dynastar will employ Shopatron as a consumer purchase fulfillment platform on their consumer websites as well.