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Park City UT (October 6, 2009) — The Edge of Never is a documentary feature film set in the world of big mountain skiing. It is a real-life coming of age saga about the tribe of skiers who challenge the biggest, most dangerous mountains in the world. In 1996 extreme-skiing legend Trevor Petersen, a long time Rossignol athlete, was killed in Chamonix, France. Nine years later, skiing icon Glen Plake decides it’s time for Trevor’s 15-year-old son, Kye, one of Rossignol’s top athletes, to ski the route that killed his father and join the tribe of big-mountain skiers.

In this thrilling film, three generations of skiers mentor Kye as he attempts to finish his father’s final run. One of the mentors is long time Chamonix Guide and Dynastar athlete, Stephen FanFan’ Dan. FanFan plays an integral role in Kye’s journey and sets off on a terrifying journey of his own. A ripping adventure tale of a young man coming of age, The Edge of Never is also a rich and subtle portrait of men and women who live big in the face of their greatest fears.

This film is rich with Rossignol and Dynastar heritage and we are proud to support this inspiring documentary, “The Edge of Never captures and communicates the best of skiing in so many ways travel, terrain, family, challenge and conquest that we, at Rossignol and Dynastar are honored to be a part of it. I strongly urge anyone who’s ever shared the inspiration of the mountains with family, or anyone who’s ever been curious about the most challenging mountains in the world, to go see The Edge of Never,” says Tait Wardlaw, VP of Brands, Marketing and Communications for The Rossignol Group.

THE EDGE OF NEVER begins where ski films leave off, or never dared to go. While these movies rely on action and loud music to provide a momentary rush that quickly melts away, THE EDGE OF NEVER combines those elements with mythic storytelling to produce a film experience that’s fun, but also meaningful and memorable.

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