Industry Press Release



Park City, UT (February 25, 2010) — With all the new technology that riders are looking for, Rossignol’s new 2010-2011 One MagTek has snowboard retailers excited.

The new One MagTek combines Rossignol’s AmpTek reverse camber concept and Magne Traction sidecut technology to deliver a board with visibly different technology as well as an incredibly versatile riding experience for the pipe, the park and the pow.

What’s more, at a retail price of $449, the One MagTek delivers as much technology as any board in the market.

Retailers have taken notice. “This board rocks. It does everything anyone would ever want in an all-mountain board,” says Sam Bryant from Potter Brothers in Kingston, NY, “at $449 nothing else I tested even came close.”

“One of the great things about the One MagTek,” says Rossignol’s National Snowboard Sales Manager Eric Hutchison, “is that it works for any rider level. You can literally feel confident selling it to anyone. The response at the on-snow trade fairs has been phenomenal. Regardless of location or conditions the One MagTek has been the talk of the shows.”

The 2010-2011 One MagTek is based on the award winning 2009-2010 One Mag, and with a significant upgrade the addition of Rossignol’s AmpTek All Mountain camber concept.

The Development Story

The combination of AmpTek camber and Magne-Traction sidecut makes this directional twin board equally suited for slaying anything from pipe to pow and all conditions in between.

Rossignol’s unique camber story, AmpTek is short for “amplification technology.” By combining rocker (or reverse camber) at the tip and tail with traditional camber under foot, AmpTek combines the best of two different board designs to deliver more mind-blowing performance in the firmest parks, the deepest powder and everything in between.

Magne-Traction was invented by our good friends at Mervin Manufacturing and has become the hottest visible technology to grace the sport since the highback. Magne-Traction serrated edges cut into the snow like a knife giving you more edgehold and control than ever before. 7 strategically located and sized bumps along each side of the sidecut allow you to hold an edge in all snow conditions.

The combination of AmpTek and Magne-Traction, MagTek, is Rossignol’s latest board tech innovation giving you better hold, more control, greater performance for anyone, anywhere, anytime.