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Snowboarder Magazine’s 2009 “Best of Test” Award

Park City, UT (August 28, 2009) — Rossignol’s Angus snowboard wins 1 of only 3 Snowboarder Magazine’s Best of Test awards. The Best of Test award is a very high honor. Over a hundred riders from all over the country tested thousands of boards, in a multitude of snow conditions and terrain, throughout the winter at on snow demos. From thousands of boards the list is narrowed down and the top 3 boards, for the 09-10 season, are given the Best of Test award.

The Angus got some of the most positive feedback from riders in the test because of the unique camber technology Amptek. Jim, from The Sports Page in Queensbury, NY, said “I was blown away by this board; it was hands-down my favorite. Slight reverse camber so it’s very quick into the turn. Great at high speed, and still fun to play around on in the trees and the park. Rossi is at the top of my list, and at $399, yo ass must be crazy! A++”

North American Product Manager Eric Hutchison says “When you consider the single most influential factor leading to a board purchase is a shop employee’s recommendation, winning a Snowboarder Magazine Best of Test award is huge for Rossignol Snowboards. The Angus debuts our new Amptek Camber technology which we consider to be the future of snowboard design. So to have immediate validation at the shop level for our latest and greatest design certainly bodes well for the future of Rossignol Snowboards. “

The Angus is an all mountain snowboard that delivers all around performance and ease of use. The unique shape, called Amptek, combines rocker (or reverse camber) at the tip and tail with traditional camber under foot. The Angus’ Amptek technology delivers the best on-trail performance and the best powder performance all in one board.

The exclusive honor of Snowboarder’s Best of Test award represents the broad appeal, high performance and amazing versatility that the Angus delivers.