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Thorlos Introduces New Line of Ski Foot Protection

Statesville, NC (September 17, 2014) —  THOR-LO Inc. is pleased to announce its new and improved Thorlos® line of ski foot protection for 2014-15.  With padding that is strategically located on the ball and the heel of the foot, these products – available in child and adult sizes- are engineered specifically to absorb the shock experienced while skiing variable yet diverse terrain.    The double-density loop technology provides comfort through its more resilient, softer feeling pads.  The cushioned shin and instep reduces pressure on the feet to protect against shin bites.  The lighter cushioning with spandex in the arch keeps it in position.  The ventilation panel provides extra moisture control and breathability. The low profile toe seam will not rub or irritate the feet.  

“We are very pleased with our decision to select a new yarn blend, THORWICK®,” offers Eric Cody, Product Development Manager for Outdoor, Snow Sports, Walking and Cleated Sports.  “Its construction consists of more channels which offer a softer hand (feel), more flexibility in dyeing capabilities and increased moisture wicking properties.”    This year’s color palette, filled with rich jewel tones, will complement any ski pant/boot combination. 

Thorlos new ski foot protection, however, is not only interested in staying on trend with its color story, but more importantly, its primary focus remains on protecting the feet through its streamlined designs that are available in styles for those whose feet hurt during or after the activity as well as those feet that do not hurt.  The enhanced moisture wicking capabilities that acrylic provides keep the feet dry.  Dry feet are warm feet.  “This year’s pre-booked business has increased 70 % thus far,” affirms Cody. “What this increase tells me is that the industry has embraced us.”  Several major mountains will be back to featuring Thorlos.   Wool is at a point of saturation in the winter sports segment, and Thorlos believes there is a strong need to convey the fact that acrylic is the superior fiber.  “Additionally, we believe that Thorlos is the choice when selecting the ultimate in ski foot protection.”


Family-owned THOR•LO Inc. designs and manufactures clinically tested padded foot protection (socks) in Statesville, N.C., and operates a distribution center in Rockwell, N.C. THOR•LO is the originator of activity-specific padded socks, and the Thorlos brand provides consumers with foot protection and comfort. Scientific, peer-reviewed research stands behind the Thorlos promise: “Your Feet Will Feel Better.” For more information about Thorlos visit