Industry Press Release



Salt Lake City, UT (December 29, 2009) — Just in time for the holidays, Shred Head Crew is ready to pull the trigger on what is quite possibly the most exciting thing they’ve ever done: Announce themselves to the world.

“We’re coming out of the closet!” said one crewmember, “nah, we’re just pulling back the curtain,” said another. Whether they’re stepping out of the closet or the shower, the fact remains that Shred Head Crew is here and they are well, they’re ready to rock. “We’re so psyched to get the word out, the other day we stood at the top of the tram screaming Go to! Go to!’ for like two minutes. It was so awesome.” The Crew later admitted they only did this in-between arriving trams.

Partnered with the raddest brands in skiing Smith Optics, Flylow Gear, Fat-ypus, Bluehouse, Purl Wax, and XSI Shred Head Crew will venture out on a winter long road trip, skiing the steep and deep throughout the West. “We’re hopping in the truck and we’re heading out. We’re going skiing and partying for the next few months.”

When not “skiing and partying” the Crew will be hooking it up for their partners. When asked about the level of awesomeness displayed by the Crew’s partners, crewmember, James Pelletier, said: “Our partners are awesome they’re the ones letting us do this mostly they’re small, independent companies that are involved in the sport because they love it. There’s something cool about that and skiers respect it, we’re going to help spread the word let people try a pair of skis, throw em a t-shirt or give em a discount on some gear, maybe make-out with them or something.”

The complete Shred Head Crew road trip schedule is as follows:

Utah: 1/9 Snowbasin, UT; 1/10 Alta, UT; 1/23 Snowbird, UT

Colorado: 2/5 Steamboat, CO; 2/6 Arapahoe Basin, CO; 2/7 Crested Butte, CO

MT/WY: 2/26 Jackson Hole, WY; 2/28 Bridger Bowl, MT; 3/1 Big Sky, MT

All of Shred Head Crew’s adventures can be followed at, along with daily updates and original content. Anyone wishing to talk to the Crew, ski with the Crew, sue the Crew, date the Crew, or give things to the Crew is asked to email and wait for a somewhat delayed response.