Industry Press Release



McLean, VA (December 10, 2009) — Smart retailers know that by attending the SIA Snow Show at the Colorado Convention Center (Jan 28-31) they’re making an investment to ensure their shop stocks the latest equipment, accessories and apparel. They also know they’ll learn about emerging trends to give their customers the best advice and information, making their shop better than the one down the street. But, do their customers know any of this? SIA now has a way to help customers easily identify their “go-to” shop with the Snow Expert Program.

When retailers register and attend the SIA Snow Show, they’re automatically enrolled in SIA’s Snow Expert Program. It’s a free program and includes a wide range of marketing support materials all designed to give retailers a competitive edge by announcing their “Snow Expert” status.

SIA has five simple steps for retailers to earn their “Snow Expert” status:

  1. Register for the Snow Show: Once retailers have registered (click here to register!) and attend the Snow Show, shops are automatically enrolled in the Snow Expert Program and highlighted in SIA’s retailer finder on
  2. Review program: Check out the Snow Expert Video to learn more. Information and marketing support materials are available at
  3. Download “Snow Expert” seal and web copy: Use seal on company website and add to marketing materials to show off official “Snow Expert” status. Shops will receive the web seals after the Show.
  4. Educate shop staff on program: Print out staff talking points to help explain the program to staff and how it can be used to increase sales.
  5. Educate your customers: Let customers know that you are a Snow Expert and how that benefits them.

For more information on the Snow Expert Program, please contact SIA’s Associate Director Trade Marketing & Communications, Mary Cecile Neville, at