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Ski and Snowboard-Related Items Top List of Gifts To Give Kids This Holiday


Most Active Americans Panel»  

Boulder, CO (December 13, 2010) Tis the season for parents to determine whether their kids have been naughty or nice.  For those that have been nice, ski and snowboard-related items will be the most common sports, recreation or fitness gift this holiday season according to Leisure Trends Group’s annual study, “All I Want For…  America’s Holiday Wish List.”

When parents with children under age 13 were asked “what sports, recreation or fitness product, lesson or vacation are you planning to buy them,” 22% mentioned a ski or snowboard-related item.  Soccer equipment was next on the list at 9%, followed by cycling equipment and accessories at 8%. 

The study, conducted among Leisure Trends Group’s Most Active Americans Panel » (MAAP»), confirms the importance of family that Leisure Trends has consistently seen in its other consumer research studies.  Active Americans make participating in activities with family a priority and are outfitting their children accordingly.

Stay tuned as we share more insights from All I WANT FOR…AMERICA’S HOLIDAY WISH LIST 2010.   

The complete study including over 200 pages of verbatim responses is now available! Call Leisure Trends Group at (303) 786-7900 ext 107 or email to find out how you can access it!   

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