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SkyTechSport Unveils New Sochi 2014 Olympic Virtual Ski & Snowboard Simulator at SIA Snow Show in Denver


SIA Show Attendees Will Have a Chance to Test Drive the Simulator

Denver, CO  (January 22, 2014) — Do you want to feel like an Olympic skier? Now here’s your chance! At the upcoming SIA Snow Show in Denver (January 30 – February 2, 2014), attendees will have a chance to step onto SkyTechSport’s world-class Olympic team training ski simulator and into virtual Sochi 2014 Olympic racecourses.  SkyTechSport’s ski simulator will be located at booth #353 inside the Colorado Convention Center (700 14th St.).

The Sochi 2014 Olympic virtual ski simulator is a rendered in meticulous detail GPS replica of the Olympic resort. Last year, the United States Olympic Ski Team started using the ski simulator in preparation for the games. The simulator is not a video game but a high tech, powerful and unique training tool that is being embraced by both amateur and professional athletes and coaches. The SkyTechSport machine will be featured all four days at the SIA Snow Show.

Developed by top physicists, applied mathematicians and computer engineers, the simulator utilizes top notch computer sequences, power drives, accurate sensors and virtual reality compounds to create the most precise simulation of the slopes. The unique SkyTech Virtual Reality System fully synchronizes all movements of the skier with a virtual slope reproduced on a huge 27-feet-wide panoramic screen.

SkyTechSport machines incorporate powerful drives that recreate downhill G-force effect, simulating intense vibrations and compression effects. Dozens of sensing units read all of the skier’s movements and make possible recreating the exact same sensations. The simulator allows users to choose snow conditions and adjust the smallest features of terrain. What is more, the computer system creates a stunning visual experience, letting us all witness a giant leap of progress in professional sports equipment.

For advanced skiers, the SkyTechSport training machine makes it easier to become accustomed to the modern carving technique and keep up muscle tone, fitness and technique off season. For beginners, it can establish solid technique from day one and build confidence in a safe environment. And for others, it’s an exciting workout or fun virtual racing challenge.

Feel free to check out the Sochi Olympic ski simulator demonstration video.

About SkyTechSport

SkyTechSport Inc. is an American branch, a subsidiary of a European innovative engineering, operating under SkyTechSport Ski & Fit brand. The SkyTechSport ski and snowboard simulator is currently used at more than 100 training locations worldwide in countries such as Germany, France, Canada, Czech Republic, Poland, South Africa, Russia and Greece. Successfully supplying SkyTechSport simulators to sports stores, event organizers, fitness centers, ski resorts, hotels, entertainment centers and malls, the company continues to develop its own chain of indoor ski training studios. The first U.S. SkyTechSport facility was launched in 2012 in Beverly Hills, Calif. giving winter sports fans a chance to have a lesson with a personal ski instructor. SkyTechSport ski and snowboard simulators are available for purchase or to rent, and franchise opportunities for SkyTechSport training studios are available. For more information or to book a training session