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SNOCRU Gears Up for the 2012/2013 Season


Sundance, UT (November 12, 2012) — SNOCRU, the only free mobile app that allows skiers and snowboarders see and connect with each other in real time, is pleased to announce a suite of updates and upgrades. The improvements make SNOCRU the ideal app for tracking and sharing all your winter adventures.

The most significant recent upgrade to SNOCRU is connectivity with Facebook. Now SNOCRU users can login with Facebook, invite their friends to participate and share SNOCRU photos and adventures. The update also significantly reduces battery drain on your mobile device while the app is running.

“We launched SNOCRU to enhance the experience for any active person. Whether that’s in the winter skiing or snowboarding, or in the summer hiking or mountain biking, SNOCRU works great” states, Ed Lewis, SNOCRU’s founder. “As our user base grows, we’re excited to see the many different ways that SNOCRU is being utilized.”

Using a GPS enabled tracking system, SNOCRU keeps track of distance covered, average speed, vertical gained and slope angle. Uniquely, the app also allows users to see and connect with other CRU’ members while out on the trails or the slopes, even when cellular service is unavailable.

A few other items that will be launching in the upcoming weeks are higher levels of user engagement. The standout is the SNOCRU leaderboard that is going to showcase what user’s vertical and other data is from across the country. By day, week and month, the data will be aggregated on the SNOCRU site and the respective leaders will be receiving SNOCRU branded prizes for their dedication and hard work on the slopes. There will be different categories for these prizes including distance covered, highest speed, vertical gained, number of runs and check-ins acquired.

The free SNOCRU App is available for both iPhone and Android phones.

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SNOCRU LLC is a leading digital app development company based in Sundance, Utah. Partnership inquiries should be directed to Ed Lewis,