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Superfeet Releases Wide Model of Best-selling Green Insole


Wide Green Is Engineered to Fit Wider Feet Up to Size 6E

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FERNDALE, WA SEPTEMBER 14, 2009 Industry leader Superfeet Worldwide Inc. announces the release of a new wide size run of their Trim-to-Fit» Green Premium Insole, “Wide Green”. The fall release is a timely response to the growing demand for both footwear and foot health accessories that accommodate wider feet. 

Podiatrists are seeing an increase in the numbers of patients who complain of foot-related problems linked to wide, high-volume feet. Superfeet Director of Education Jeff Gray, C.Ped believes the Superfeet Wide Green model is one of the first supportive over-the-counter insoles available at retail that was created specifically for this growing category. 

Gray says, “As the wide shoe market has grown substantially in recent years, we saw the necessity of creating a matching insole for our customers who need a product with all the benefits of our Green model, but wider. The Wide Green will allow us to match the wide foot shape in a way that upsizing the regular Green model could not. Now we are offering all the benefits of our podiatric-based shape and design in a wide interface between the wide foot and a wide shoe.” 

Superfeet joins shoe companies such as New Balance, Asics and Brooks in offering their customers wider models in large and small sizes. Wide Green is a unisex product available in sizes ranging from a men’s US size 5.5 to 17 and women’s US size 6.5 to 12, all up to width size 6E.

All Superfeet Trim-to-Fit Premium Insoles feature the ESS [Encapsulating Stabilizer System]. ESS is the combination of a patented stabilizer cap and a specifically-shaped foam full length to provide optimal underfoot support. This unique system creates a deep heel cup to cradle the heel’s fat pad for improved natural shock absorption, providing comfort and necessary stability for different activities, footwear and foot types.



Superfeet Worldwide Inc. is the premium over-the-counter insole industry’s leading designer and manufacturer. As the sports division of Northwest Podiatric Laboratory, Superfeet began designing and fabricating custom insoles in the mid-1970s. Their product line has since expanded to include Trim-to-Fit» and Easy-Fit» Premium Insoles designed for every type of sport and footwear. Superfeet products have earned many accolades, and have been featured in numerous reviews and publications. In 2008, Superfeet was awarded second place in Outside Magazine’s BEST PLACES TO WORK list in the medium-sized company category (50-249 employees). Superfeet currently distributes throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Visit for more information.