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Survey Says Friends and Parents Introduce Most Newcomers to Skiing or Snowboarding


Snow Sports industry offers rewards for doing so

Washington, DC (January. 20, 2014) — Snow sports industry research indicates that friends or family members typically are responsible for introducing most people to skiing or snowboarding. An online survey currently active on verifies that finding. In answer to the question “Who first introduced you to skiing or snowboarding 32% said “Friend”; 18 percent said “Mom AND Dad” and 18 percent said “Dad”. Perhaps surprisingly, the answer “Mom” garnered just 7.4 percent. Complete results are available on the web site.

Now, friends and family members can earn rewards for helping newcomers. With the Winter Olympics are about to begin in Sochi, Russia, skiers and snowboarders in the United States have a chance to win a trip to one of the three U.S. Winter Olympics host venues – Lake Placid (NY), Squaw Valley (CA) and the Salt Lake City region by taking the Bring a Friend Challenge (BAF). Many product prizes also are being offered. The Challenge motivates skiers and snowboarders to introduce newcomers by helping them sign up for lessons from professional instructors. The Challenge is hosted at and it ends on March 14, 2014.

“We started the Challenge to get more children and adults involved”, said Raelene Davis, chair of January’s Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month and Marketing VP for Ski Utah.  She was a torch carrier in the 2002 Olympics. “Skiing and snowboarding long have been considered ‘family sports.’ Most resorts can start providing lessons for children at the age of three.”

During January, ski/snowboard areas throughout the United States offer special learning deals for beginners. Programs are in full swing now that the extreme cold weather has moved further north. Even locations that have not had an abundance of snow this year are prepared for newcomers because learning areas are always covered with at least machine made snow.

“Ski and snowboard areas make sure their learning terrain is covered with snow and well maintained. If snow isn’t falling from the sky it doesn’t mean there is no snow at the mountain. An added bonus is the fact that roads are clear,” added Mary Jo Tarallo, director of LSSM/BAF.  

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