Industry Press Release



Wilmington, MA (October 21, 2008) — Steven Poulin has been named the new president and CEO of the Swix Sport USA.

Steven Poulin who has been with Swix Sport for more than 12 years, will bring leadership to the company, strong sales and customer skills. This experience, coupled with his combination of professional and personal strengths, makes him well-qualified to lead Swix Sport Inc into the future. At the same time David Lampert, the current president of the company, will resign to pursue other interests.

This change signifies a new focus in Swix Sport Inc. “Increasing challenges in the snow business, like changing climates and lack of profits among the suppliers to this industry, demands a quite different approach to the ski business in the future” said Ulf Bjerknes, CEO of Swix Sport AS.

Swix Sport believes strongly that an increased focus on innovation, logistic and sales will trigger new and exiting development for our company in North America.


Ulf Bjerknes

President Swix Sport AS

Oslo, Norway

Swix Sport is the worlds leading supplier of ski waxes, tuning supplies, ski poles, Nordic technical apparel and accessories.

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