Industry Press Release



Toronto, ON, Canada (August 11, 2009) — iParenting Awards has chosen Tail Wags Helmet Covers as one of the most exciting new products in the marketplace today. Award-winning products were selected based on their fun value, product quality, ease-of-use, play duration, educational nature and uniqueness, among other criteria.

For over a decade, the iParenting Award program has been evaluating and recognizing quality products for children. When parents see the iParenting Award proudly displayed on a product’s packaging, they know they are purchasing a winner! It is an honor for Tail Wags to be included as one of the recipients of this prestigious award.

Here’s the feedback provided by the iParenting Media Awards’ Reviewers that included a licensed childcare facility/school, an expert and a parent. In addition to the outside reviewers, every product was evaluated by the iParenting Media Awards Executive Committee.

  • The design is wonderful. We got the “Bee” style and it is really cute. My daughter immediately had me put it on her helmet and it was easy to fit, adjusted right away and looks really cute. My husband wants one for his helmet, that’s how much we like it. We also like the wide variety of styles available.
  • It has never been easier to convince my children to wear their safety helmets while riding their tricycles until now! This product adds fun and creativity to their play. It transforms them into the animal character.
  • It is easy to affix on different helmets, and the fit is good on several different sizes and styles. It is durable and washable and is a good way to make a safety item FUN so that kids will want to wear their helmets. It could also be used on cranio-facial therapy helmets as well.

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