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featuring some of Dynastar’s best big mountain skiers and the most dynamic skiing ever seen on film.

Park City, UT (October 1, 2008) — The world premiere of Teton Gravity Research’s latest cutting-edge ski movie, “Under the Influence” opened in Jackson Hole on September 20th, featuring some of the most aggressive big mountain and big air skiing ever seen.

Combining bold, steep big-mountain skiing with freestyle-oriented big-air tricks, “Under the Influence” displays the most impressive “fusion” skiing ever seen anywhere.

Skiers such as Dana Flahr, Erik Roner, Seth Morrison and Sage Cattabriga-Alosa – the “who’s who” of the best big mountain skiers in the world – pull some of the fastest skiing combined with the most outrageous big air moves anyone has ever seen.

“TGR has captured the latest progression of big mountain skiing. What these skiers are now able to do in life-and-death situations is really amazing.” said Erik Roner, one of the film’s stars. “These athletes have been combining big tricks on hairball lines for a few years. Now it’s going off and showing up throughout the film and throughout cutting edge skiing.”

“When you combine this level of skiing, with new film angles and camera technology and our knowledge of big mountain skiing in general,” says co-owner and cinematographer Todd Jones, “you’re able to deliver a movie experience that’s pretty compelling to watch.”

“Under the Influence” is TGR’s 13th movie premiere. It will be shown at more than 150 spots around North America over the next three months.

For a sneak peak at the premiere and some of Dynastar’s athletes in action, click here.

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