Industry Press Release

The National Ski Patrol has selected VIRUS to provide compression apparel that will assist in performance and recovery for their members


Huntington Beach, CA (December 21, 2012) — Virus Action Sport Performance announced that they have recently been chosen as the official supplier for The National Ski Patrol Association (NSP). The NSP will utilize VIRUS’ popular Stay Warm Coffee Charcoal Compression for their 29,000 members.

“We strongly believe that the NSP’s members will greatly benefit from this superior fabric and compression fabrication,” stated Russell Stone, co-founder and president for VIRUS. “Our primary focus has always been to provide the latest technology in both fabric and fit, and we are very excited to offer this high-quality apparel to the NSP at an extremely reasonable price.”

The fabric is specifically designed for use in snow and cold temperatures, and will provide the NSP with a superior first layer option that has the benefits of compression and a lightweight moisture-wicking fabric for trapping heat. This lightweight fabric can increase the skin surface temperature up to 10 F, all while keeping consumers dry. Constructed with natural fibers that act as a barrier to cold and snow, it also traps the heat from within, ideal for conditions where endurance and recovery are essential. According to Stone, the material traps heat and wicks away moisture through a woven pattern offering comfort when in close contact with skin.

“We have seen patrollers all throughout the west coast continuing to rave about Virus’ product, and it has been a favorite choice among many of them,” said Stone. “And now with the addition of NSP to our official supplier list, we can extend our reach to even more patrol members!”

VIRUS has been in development with top ski patrollers and renowned snow athletes at all levels trying to improve and tailor their offering specifically to the desires of these athletes. In doing so, VIRUS has created fabric and construction breakthroughs that focus mainly on performance, endurance and recovery. “We created a combination that allows a lightweight layer while providing maximum support and moisture wicking to bulk down in gear,” said Stone. “We are constantly keeping our fingers on the pulse of new trends and designing apparel that meets the needs of our consumers.”

Stone said that a favorite selection for the tops is the Active X-Form that helps posture, reinforces back muscles, and increases circulation efficiencies. The coordinating bottoms include boot cut compression and full-length compression pants.

“We are very excited to be partnering with VIRUS,” said NSP Executive Director Tim White. “VIRUS’ compression technology will help patrollers perform for extended periods in the harsh mountain conditions in which they often serve the skiing, snowboarding, and outdoor recreation community.”

Since 1938, the nonprofit National Ski Patrol has dedicated itself to – and has become the preeminent authority on – serving the public and outdoor recreation industry by providing education and credentialing to emergency care and safety services providers.

VIRUS’ Coffee Charcoal fabric has seen much public coverage and acclaim on top technology media such as Gizmodo, Yahoo News and Best Products. VIRUS can be found on the web at and soon will launch on the National Ski Patrol website and publication.