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Network Identity Spot Takes A Look Into The Mind Of The Artist

Los Angeles, CA (December 1, 2009) — FUEL TV, the only network dedicated to the lifestyle of action sports, is proud to announce the release of its newest Signature Series Network ID featuring the creative work of graphic designer UPSO.

For FUEL TV’s Signature Series ID, the Toledo-based artist UPSO, aka Dustin Amery Hostetler, takes us into the mind of the artist imagining a geometric world full of bicycles, vibrant colors and abstract shapes only to find that the artist himself is also part of that world.

“I wanted to show the excitement I get out of things like riding bikes with friends,” says Hostetler. “When life gets too crazy or stressful, it’s things like friends and fun that get me out of my funk. It doesn’t matter if it’s paintbrushes or snowboarding, it’s all about expressing yourself. I’ve always been amazed by the support action sports gives art, from skateboards to t-shirt designs and shoes, it all comes full circle.”

Hostetler is known for his work with commercial clients such as Mountain Dew, Burton, Kid Robot, Sims Snowboards and Converse, as well as publishing the critically acclaimed art magazine Faesthetic. His artwork has been displayed in magazines, books and on skateboards and gallery walls around the world. He has also worked as a curator for companies like Threadless and Scion.

“I’ve been a fan of the FUEL TV Signature Series IDs for a while,” shares Hostetler. “I’m a huge fan of the other artists who’ve done their own IDs, from Dalek to Andy Mueller. It’s an honor to be among such talent.”

“It’s always interesting to see how each artist approaches their Signature Series ID,” says FUEL TV’s Creative Director Todd Dever. “Like actions sports, these guys really like to push each other to be more creative and carve out their own unique style.”

FUEL TV’s award-winning Signature Series IDs are inspired by signature skateboard decks created for skateboarders by influential or iconic artists. These Signature Series IDs serve many purposes: to introduce the audience to new and upcoming artists and/or athletes, or to serve as a way for current athletes and artists to express themselves in art and music. Artists who have contributed to the FUEL TV Signature Series IDs include Dalek, Andy Jenkins, Saiman Chow, Chris Yormick, Trevor Graves, Andrew Pommier, Yogi Proctor, Dean Bradley, The Clayton Brothers, Todd Francis, and others.

You can see UPSO’s artwork at View the new UPSO Signature Series ID here:

The UPSO FUEL TV Signature Series ID Credits:

Concept and Artwork: UPSO

Producer: Pierre Nobile

Animation: Jeremy Little

Music/Sound Design: GoLab


SVP & GM: CJ Olivares

Creative Director: Todd Dever

Director On-Air Promotions: Michael Cooley



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