Industry Press Release



Silverton, CO (February 24, 2010) — In an effort to improve customer service while keeping retailers at the forefront, Venture Snowboards has launched a new Shopatron Webstore.

“Many of our customers are unable to find their board of choice, no matter how many of our retailers they call. It’s a frustrating experience for the customer, and surely leads to lost sales. By signing up with Shopatron we can facilitate the shopping experience while still supporting the independent specialty retailers that keep this industry vital,” says Lisa Branner, one of the company’s owners. “It’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

Shopatron allows a manufacturer to take orders through an online store on their website. Online orders are then made available to participating retailers. The geographically closest retailer with the requested product in stock is awarded the order and reimbursed for fulfilling it.

Founded in 1999 by the husband and wife team of Klemens and Lisa Branner, Venture handcrafts premium quality snowboards from scratch in Silverton, CO using sustainably harvested woods and wind power. Learn more about the company at or check out the new Venture Webstore here: