Industry Press Release

Way More Fun: Ride Snowboards Launches New Website and 2013 Product


Celebrating their 20th anniversary, Ride’s site gets upgraded with extra bling and ready-to-charge new gear.

Seattle, WA (June 19, 2012) — Ride Snowboards is making your life better. No, they’re not going to pay your bills, but they will make your user-experience on their new website and stoke in the mountains more refreshing. Today, Ride, a complete snowboard, accessory, and apparel manufacturer that meshes fun with technology and innovation, launches their fresh, new, and improved website and 2013 product line.   

“We’ve done a complete overhaul of our site to give it a great look and feel that translates into a more improved and engaging experience,” said Casey Raymer, Ride Snowboards global marketing manager. “In addition to the layout and numerous new features we’ve incorporated into the site, we also have our full 2013 product line online now so people can check out what’s new.”

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