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What the Airlines Are Saying about Protecting Your Gear When You Travel



Avon, CO ( January 27, 2016) – – As you hand off your ski & snowboard equipment at the airline check in desk there is always that sinking ‘Oh Boy’ moment as you see your favorite skis or snowboard be thrown into a pile of other bags, knowing the next bags will get thrown on top of your bags.  It’s possible, or even likely that your equipment could be damaged whether right there or during the transfer and arrival process.   While your skis might make it without damage, chances are your soft bag will take a beating, fabric can tear, zippers can split, buckles will break and stitching can come loose.

All these worries can be put aside if you check your gear in a Sportube hard case.  Manufactured in the USA out of High Density Polyethylene, this rigid plastic case will offer significant more protection than a soft bag, not to mention survive endless trips without much more than a ding and a scratch.  The wheels make rolling the case through the airport or to your hotel effortless and being lockable give you that piece of mind that what you put in the case pre check in, will still be there upon arrival.

It is worth noting that many of the airlines prefer its customers to use a hard case and in fact some will not take any responsibility for damage to equipment if they are not packed inside a hard case. Here is what some airlines say about checking winter sports gear:

JetBlue: “All ski or snowboard equipment must be in a sturdy container for protection since we do not provide ski boxes.”

American Airlines: “ AA… carriers are not liable for any damage to sports items not presented in a hard-sided case.  If the outside of the hard-sided case does not have visable damage, AA… carriers are not liable for any damage to the sports items inside the case.”

Virgin America: “ Ski equipment, subject to the liability requirements.  Skis, poles, and boots must be enclosed in a container or travel bag- we recommend using a hard-sided container.”

United Airlines: “ United Airlines is not liable for damage to water skis, or snow skis.  Equipment must be securely encased in a suitable container.”

U.S. Airways: “ If the ski equipment is not proper packaged/protected, the customer assumes all risk of damage.”

Always protect your gear in a Sportube hard case and don’t make your first run to the Baggage Claim desk.

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