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Skate, grenades, mutants and knifemanship on display at TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival, April 17-26 2009

Whistler, BC (March 4, 2009) — In art and in the practice of a sport, just as in life, every action generates a reaction.

Going into its 14th year as the most significant end of season event in the snowsports calendar, the TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival responds to the evolving lifestyle and culture of the ski and snowboard scene with a host of new programming.

Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown spawns a mutant half-sibling, the ThreePointOh Multimedia Challenge.

Taking place Monday, April 20th, the ThreePointOh Multimedia Challenge is the Festival’s newest media showcase of projectable creativity, presenting 6-10 short pieces that will morph film, photo and graphics into a single production greater than the sum of its parts. 

Grenade Games brings legends of snowboarding to Festival.

Developed by the riders and for the riders, the most infamous event in snowboarding comes to the TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival from Monday April 20 to Sunday April 26. From Superpipe, to the Poker Run, to skate sessions, to the first of its kind dual slalom moguls event, to a Slopestyle/Monster Air, the Grenade Games redefines the snowboard contest in a way that will leave the International Olympic Committee shaking its head.

Park n Fly Skate Jam provides perfect segue from winter to spring for fans of flow.

Opening the 2009 Festival on Friday, April 17, the Park n Fly Skate Jam, offers a showcase of the finesse and fanaticism of the skate underground with dedicated comps and events followed by the Opening Night Skate of the Art party.

Whistler Chef Challenge brings local knife-masters out of the kitchens of the resort, and into the bright lights of the Festival’s Pontiac Stage, on April 18 and 19

Given that the average daily schedule during TWSSF has, for the last 13 years, consisted of : wake-up, shred/compete, aprs, music, more aprs, explore something artsy, party, party, party, sleep, arise and do it all again, the Festival has decided that it’s time to remind everyone to salvage some time to eat.

At the TWSSF Whistler Chef Challenge a series of heats will see two local Chefs at a time go head to head in the ultimate foodie throwdown. With DJs spinning, live commentary providing heckling and insight, and all Chefs mic’ed for some interactive banter, it’s game on as competitors make the most of 30 minutes to produce delicious fare utilising a themed ingredient.

Campaign launched to recruit new on-air host, Face of the Festival

Radio killed the video star. Digital killed the slideshow. And 10 days of TV interviews in 2008 killed our Communications Director. So we’re stepping over her corpse, and recruiting the on-air talent to be the 2009 Face of the Fest, to star in the TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival’s magazine-style daily broadcasts on

Potential hosts are invited to submit a one minute video of themselves by March 26 that show they are articulate, effervescent and able to party all night for ten days straight and still look great the next day. 

What’s the connection with these new events to Festival stalwarts like the Zune Concert Series, 10 days of free live music on the Outdoor Stage; DogFest and Mascot Mayhem for as much fun as your overstimulated kid can handle without exploding; the blockbuster trifecta made up of the Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown, 72 Hour Filmmaker Showdown and Schick Fashion EXPOSED; the climax of the Orage Anti-Tour with the Orage Masters, and the World Skiing Invitational’s Big Air and Superpipe featuring the