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Why You Should Ship Your Gear in a Sportube



Plan Ahead, Ship Instead

Avon, CO ( January 27, 2016) – – There is nothing like clipping in to your own skis or snowboard on the first day of your winter vacation.  You know how they perform and what to expect.  You know how they are tuned and you haven’t had to wait in line at the rental shop to pick up equipment that may not be suited to you.  But as we know, the airlines want to charge for luggage wherever they can, and getting your gear to and from the airport can sometimes be a hassle.  Unless of course, you Plan Ahead and Ship Instead!

Take the hassle out of traveling with skis or boards, by shipping your gear ahead of time in a Sportube hard case to your hotel, lodge or condo.  Then your skis or boards will be waiting for you at your hotel or condo and you will be on the first chair on that powder day.

Sportube hard plastic cases protect your gear from being damaged during transit.  Simply attach an address and shipping label to your Sportube case and have FedEx or UPS pick it up or drop it at one of the many shipping centers.  With no extra packaging needed, the carrier will deliver your skis safely to your resort or home.

With a little pre-planning you will be able to save money by shipping Ground rather than Express and of course track it to its destination.  You will save money on your rental car as you won’t need a roof rack or SUV.  You will avoid any surprise overweight fees at the airport and you will have your gear, never having to wait in line at the rental counter.

Pack & Protect in a Sportube hard cases and Plan Ahead, Ship Instead!

For more information about Sportube, please contact: Paul Hields (Founder & President)  970-949-4014 or