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World Snowboard Day: Sunday, December 19th


Capbreton, France (September 8, 2010) — Summer is almost gone, and the worldwide snowboarders have only one wish: press the fast forward button to skip autumn and go straight to winter. There is nearly a hundred days left until the World Snowboard Day which will launch the winter season in more than 40 countries all over the world.

As every year, the international snowboard community will mobilize on Sunday, December 19th and give the opportunity to the general public to try out the fun of snowboarding. The event concept is simple: the worldwide federations, schools, clubs, shops, resorts and riders offer during one day a large number of free activities to beginners and advanced snowboarders. In the program: initiations, products testing, contests, pro riders signings, concerts, parties, environmental awareness, etc, there will be activities for everyone and for every age.

Since its creation in 2006, the World Snowboard Day has seen the number of its events multiplied by 4 to reach 139 events in 2009. With about 1900 activities and more than 70,000 participants, the World Snowboard Day has become in only 4 years, an event of reference for the international snowboard community.

This year, the Outdoor Sports Valley joins the EuroSIMA and WSF organizers of the World Snowboard Day to offer more surprises that you will discover soon.

In the meantime you can already watch the trailer of this 5th edition on, and join the World Snowboard Day community on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

About EuroSIMA ///

Founded in 1999, EuroSIMA is the European boardsports industry manufacturers association. Its objective: to federate, defend, educate, promote and contribute to the development of surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding with true boardriding spirit. In 2006, EuroSIMA joined forces with the WSF (World Snowboard Fedeartion) to create an international celebration day dedicated to the promotion of snowboarding: the World Snowboard Day.

About WSF ///

The WSF or World Snowboard Federation was formed in 2002, by delegates of the snowboard community from 14 nations. The WSF is the only international non-profit organizationexclusively working to develop and taking care for the sport of snowboard at all levels including, competitions and education, disable and adaptive snowboarding, snowboard activities for riders of any age. The WSF has joined the World Snowboard Day since its first edition.

About Outdoor Sports Valley ///

The Outdoor Sports Valley was created at the beginning of 2010.The aim of the association is to bring together, represent and contribute to the outdoor sports industry development. Based in Annecy, France, in the heart of a unique outdoor playground, and of the head offices of most of the companies of the sector, it covers the sweep of the Alps from Grenoble to Innsbruck. Working closely with EuroSIMA on many projects, the association decided without hesitation to contribute to the development of the World Snowboard Day.