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World’s First Motion Controlled Music App Noisapp Ready for the 2015/2016 Snow Season



Fort Collins, CO (October 5, 2015)   Noisapp launches for the 2015/2016 snow season, free on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Phone Store, the world’s first motion controlled music app for snow sports. Love to listen to music on the mountain, but hate messing around with your headphones, smartphone, and gear? Taking off your gloves, pulling out your ear buds, and messing with your smartphone slows you down.

Noisapp takes all the hassle out of listening to music on the mountain. The idea is simple. Noisapp turns your music up while you are in motion, and turns it down when you slow down or stop – hands free. Just enable Noisapp, put your phone in your pocket and go. A simple app to turn your music up while your ride, and down when you stop on the mountain, in the lift line, or on the chairlift. Noisapp allows you to enjoy both your music and your social interactions on the mountain – hands free.

Noisapp has gone through hundreds of hours of extensive testing and fine-tuning at Breckenridge, Keystone, Winter Park, Copper Mountain, Arapaho Basin, and Steamboat Springs. Having fine tuned Noisapp in the Colorado Rockies, the team is now raising awareness of Noisapp so that skiers and riders can focus on their activities and enjoy the mountain with friends this 2015/2016-snow season.

Founder Michael Kabatek says, “Noisapp will change the way we interact with our music gear forever. No more messing with headphones, volume controls, and smartphones. Our team has developed the most sophisticated motion-sensing technology for sports and fitness to date. Our innovative signal processing algorithms let people enjoy their activities, environment, and social interactions in a simple automated way”

What can Noisapp do?

Listen while you ride be social when you stop
Unlike anything before, Noisapp allows you to enjoy both your music and the social aspects of the mountain – hands free. Noisapp enables you to listen while you ride, and talk to your friends when you stop on the mountain, in the lift lines, and on the chairlift, without taking your gloves off or touching your gear.

Works with your existing media players and headphones
Different people like to use different media players. Noisapp works with all your favorite media players (iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc.) so there is no need to rework your music collection. Got a sick Bluetooth helmet or headphones? No problem, Noisapp works with all Bluetooth connected and standard headphones.

Adaptable to fit your riding style
Noisapp is configurable and adaptable to fit your activity and riding style. Noisapp uses the sensors built into every smartphone to sense your motion and turn your music up when you are in the moment. Noisapp lets you set the motion sensitivity and speed threshold (MPH or km/h) where your volume will turn up and down. Noisapp works with your existing setup and allows skiers and riders to configure their volumes and the rate at which the music fades in and out.

Where can I get it?

Available now FREE on the App Store
Noisapp is available for FREE on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone through the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Phone Store. Noisapp is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 6.0 and above, Android devices powered by Android 4.0 and above, and Windows Phone 8.1 and above.

For more info visit the Noisapp website and checkout our online Media Kit.

Noisapp is developed by streamN Inc., A Colorado company dedicated to creating innovative signal processing solutions.