Industry Press Release Promotes XC Skiing in 2014-15


Hanover, NH (September 23, 2015) — conducted one of the broadest campaigns to promote cross country (XC) skiing in North America in the winter of 2014-15. These efforts were mostly geared to support ski areas that are on the site but many aspects of the articles aided all businesses associated with XC skiing and snowshoeing.

The Monthly Bulletin was initiated in March 2007 and recently the 104th issue was sent via email to about 300 contacts in the XC ski business. These emails include info about marketing or research related to the XC ski industry.

In March 2015, an analysis of the pages on was compiled and the following information was found on the site to promote XC skiing in North America:

There were 78 ski area or lodging businesses that were featured on the site.

Top 10 Page included 14 lists with 136 XC ski areas in 21 states/provinces;

Features Page had 49 articles that mentioned more than 150 XC ski areas in 21 states/provinces;

Hot Topics Page had 65 areas mentioned from 23 states/provinces;

What’s Happening Page had 23 listings;

Women’s Events Page had 27 XC ski areas listed; had 68 articles on the Cross Country News & Information column featuring hundreds of ski areas.

In the past year content was distributed via:

* including Cross Country News & Information, home page newsroll, and the weekly email newsletter;
* North American Snowsports Journalists Association;
* Cross Country Ski Areas Association in the Nordic Network;
* Snowsports Industries America on;
* PaperLi/CrossCountrySki;
* @XCSkiTravel on Twitter.

Target marketing continued to be integrated in the efforts. Last year there were articles regarding women programs, events, and products distributed to 15 blogs and posted on sites including XCSR Products Page and Women’s Pages, SeniorsSkiing, BraveSkiMom, SnowLink, and SnoCountry. Founder and editor Roger Lohr commented, “Last year’s campaign focused on women with articles on Women’s Snowshoes, Nordic Ski Products for Women, Girls Getaways, and the sites Women’s Events Page. The upcoming year, among many other topics we’ll be writing about and promoting programming for older skiers and snowshoers.”

Lohr added, “A key to promoting XC skiing is to expand the content topics and distribution so that the efforts go beyond talking to only the people in the XC ski world.” Last year reached into areas such as women, bicycling, families, kids, and sustainability. Posting and hashtagging on Twitter @XCSkiTravel were helpful to enhance these targeted efforts (by September 2015 there were 2,184 tweets to 2,236 followers).

A snapshot of the Hot Topics Page showed the range of content covering a list of topics from new ownerships, renovations, first openings and early season reports, themes on snowmaking, kids, women, learn-to-ski programs, passport and seasonpass exchange programs, reefer madness in Colorado, the SIA Snow Show, participation and industry statistics, video links, and so much more. The site had a dozen articles about products, a few new personality pieces, more focus on green practices, and the campaign focusing on women including products, where to go, and special events. “It is the place to find info for recreational and travel-oriented XC skiing.”

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