Industry Press Release

YodelUP: World’s first on-glove wearable for communication and music



Vancouver, BC CANADA (January 30, 2016) — Introducing YodelUP, a revolutionary wearable device that enables skiers and snowboarders to answer calls, control music and instantly talk to a group of friends just like a walkie-talkie. No one likes taking their gloves off while skiing or riding. Yet, we all need to call a friend to meet up on the mountain, and those of us who like to rock out to music while riding would want to skip a track or adjust the volume. YodelTECH has a solution, and it doesn’t require you to give up your favourite gear for pricy helmets and gloves with built-in controls.

YodelUP on-glove wearable fits over any winter glove, so you can control your phone while still wearing your favourite gear. YodelUP has extra-large buttons with special tactile features that you can distinctly feel with gloves or mittens on – this enables you to intuitively control your music without having to look at the device. Connect YodelUP to your smartphone via Bluetooth (compatible with iOS and Android) and control your music (play/pause, next/previous track and adjust volume) without ever having to take your phone out of your pocket.

YodelTECH has collaborated with Zello, the #1 walkie-talkie app maker with over 50M downloads, to bring you the next-big-thing in mountain communication. Just download the App, add your friends and you’re ready for instant walkie-talkie style communication when you press the YODEL button. Thanks to the built-in microphone, YodelUP works with any wired or wireless headphones even if they don’t come with an integrated mic. And of course, you can still pick up phone calls just like any hand-free device. Communication on the slopes has never been easier.

Keep your phone warm and safe in your pocket and let YodelUP handle the cold. YodelUP is water-proof and shock-proof to be the perfect companion wherever your adventures take you. It features a special battery designed for operation in extreme low temperatures.

Your favorite music and friends everything you love at your fingertips.

About YodelTECH Inc.
Founded in 2015, YodelTECH Inc. is a Vancouver (BC, CANADA) based company developing products that address the needs of the modern skiers and snowboarders. YodelUP is launching on Kickstarter on February 17th, 2016. To learn more about early-bird discounts sign up at or contact