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Introducing the Merchandising Guide Addendum: Flipping the Switch

Seasons change, and so will your shop. This Merchandising Guide Addendum equips you with ideas and tips for executing the flip any time of year. Making your shop lighter, brighter and cleaner can ultimately alter the experience for new or returning customers. This is a hands-on process that you can share with your employees and do any time of year. The more hands to help, the easier to switch it up!

Flipping the Switch AddendumThe Flipping the Switch Addendum will help to outline 3 steps:

  • Come up with a plan
  • Be prepared
  • Get it done

With before and after photos, easy flipping tips and creative ideas, this addendum is sure to spark some inspiration to try something new in your store.

Download the SIA Merchandising Guide Addendum: Flipping the Switch.

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