SIA Premium Membership

Premium Membership

Manufacturer/wholesale distributors of consumer products of the snow sports industry, suppliers of services to snow sports retail shops. Plus, a Minimum of 25 retail accounts, being in business for a minimum of one year and $100,000 in annual gross sales of winter sports equipment.

Qualifications: Premium Members are manufacturer/wholesale distributors of consumer products of the snow sports industry, a consumer snow sports publication with a minimum frequency of six nationally distributed issues per year or a full-time producer of snow sports films. The member company must have a principal business office in the United States or Canada*, and have a United States/Canadian warehouse to sell, ship and bill for its own account on the wholesale level, as well as having been established in the snow sports industry for at least one year prior to applying for membership. Contact the SIA Membership Department for complete application requirements. Membership Dues are based on the member company’s annual gross sales of winter snow sports products.

Benefits: A Premium Membership includes: reduced SIA trade show space rates, the right to vote and hold a position on any SIA committee and access to all SIA membership rewards, research, surveys, databases and professional listings.

* A Canadian company may apply for SIA Premium membership as long as it is a current member in good standing of the National Ski Industries Association and meets SIA Premium membership requirements.

Please contact the membership department to apply for Premium Membership.
Kyle Kennedy
Director of Member Services
P: 435-657-5157
F: 435-659-3434