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Join Snowsports B2B For Our Monthly Webinar Series with C1 Partners

b2b_seminars_imageAs part of the growing education program and the launch of SIA is pleased to announce a new lineup of monthly webinars. Along with C1 Partners please join us for a fast paced hour of enrichment and discussion. The first Wednesday of each month will focus on a specific topic related to digital marketing/social media. (Note – February only, it’s on a Tuesday)

February Webinar: Keyword Targeting – Before beginning digital marketing, a company needs to know what search terms it is targeting.  It is important to identify ones which are highly relevant to the business, have good search volume, and lower competition.  This session will show the attendee how to identify good target keywords for their business.

Tuesday, February 11th @ 2pm EST Click here to register.

Download the presentation from December, Overview of Digital Marketing, here. The January Presentation, Positioning, Messaging and Persona Development, can be downloaded here.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the March Webinar, Website Optimization – In order for search engines to be able to catalogue your website for the keyword terms you want to be found, a business must know how to optimize the site.  After this webinar, the attendee should be able to know how to optimize their website for the keywords they are targeting for their business.

Wednesday, March 5th @ 2pm EST

SnowSportsB2B.orgTo see a full listing of Webinar Wednesdays, to download previous sessions, or for more information, click here. Questions? Contact Maggie Bittnerat Call with any questions: 571-239-5984