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Lead Nurturing is the Subject For Our Next Webinar Wednesday – Mark Your Calendar for August 6!

WebinarsC1_Partners_logoAs part of the growing education program and the launch of, SIA’s monthly webinar brings you a specific topic related to digital marketing. Along with C1 Partners, please join us for a fast-paced hour of enrichment and discussion.

Lead Nurturing – A list of email addresses has no value unless the business can convert them into sales revenue.  Most visitors aren’t ready to purchase right away, so the challenge is how to engage the visitors after they have given the business their email. This session will show attendees the process to follow so that they can convert those email lists in to sales revenue.

Wednesday, August 6th @ 2pm EST    Click here to register.

If you missed it, be sure to download the June 25 Webinar:Lead Generation – Once a business has driven web traffic to their site, they want to be able to capture their visitors as potential sales leads. Effective lead generation is an intentional process that involves Calls-To-Action, Offers, and Landing Pages. Done correctly, it is how a business begins to convert its traffic into sales. Download the presentation here.

snowsportsb2b-logoTo see a full listing of Webinar Wednesdays, to download previous sessions, or for more information, click here. Questions? Contact Maggie Bittner at Call with any questions: 571-239-5984