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Phase 1 of Downhill Consumer Intelligence Project (DCIP) is Now Available For Download: “Discovery Phase” Sheds Light on Long-Term Trends, Guides Future Efforts to Grow Our Sport


The first research effort in a decade focused on developing a comprehensive understanding of alpine and snowboard consumers, Phase 1 of the Downhill Consumer Intelligence Report DCIP stat1is now complete and ready for download. Phase 1 (Discovery Phase) of the DCIP has provided a fascinating look at the long-term trends and behavior of our industry’s participants. This unprecedented 18-month-long snow sports research program was pursued in collaboration with more than 20 research and non-profit organizations including NSAA and RRC Associates. Through this process, the Discovery Phase of the DCIP has given us a clear understanding of our demographic participant base make-up, common barriers to entry and participation, and insights into the effectiveness of our traditional ways to grow the sport.

DCIP stat2“It’s an everyday challenge for any business owner in the U.S. to adapt to consumers’ rapidly evolving needs and preferences,” said Kelly Davis, SIA’s director of research. “DCIP uses on-the-ground research from more than 20 partners to give the entire industry a solid understanding of what motivates and influences snow sports consumers.”

The discovery phase of DCIP is now available for download at, giving all industry participants the opportunity to get a full understanding of consumers of the snow sports industry and an overview of long-term trends that affect the current state of the industry. At, you’ll find pull-downs that break the data and findings into categories like Key Data Sets, Key Trends and What Consumers Are Saying. This information can be used by individual brands and retailers to guide decision making as well as by industry groups to guide overall participation growth efforts.

DCIP stat3“After reviewing long-term trends, we now know that future efforts to grow snow sports must break old paradigms in order to have a significant impact,” said Bob Gundram, SIA board chairman and president of C3. “The SIA board is eager to use what the DCIP uncovers about consumer behavior to develop new ways to grow snow sports participation and participants, as well as product sales at retail.”

Phase 2 of DCIP will capture consumer types, describing in market and human terms the identities of alpine and snowboard consumers and potential consumers. This phase will help determine the best ways to engage current and potential consumers.

DCIP stat4In Phase 3, on-hill interviews, special research with core snowboarders and interviews with non-converts and will round out the DCIP in order to put a strategic downhill participation plan in place by July 2015 and begin implementation of programs by early 2016.

“SIA is ready and eager to embrace the findings of DCIP and work with the entire industry to implement them,” said Tyler LaMotte, SIA board member and global business unit director at Patagonia. “This research will give us a crucial framework to unify suppliers’ and retailers’ recruitment efforts like never before.”

To download Phase 1 of the Downhill Consumer Intelligence Project, click here. To access the DCIP page at, click here and continue to check back from updates to the different categoris. For questions about the DCIP, please contact SIA Research Director Kelly Davis at