PR Tips

Tips For Pitching To Winter Sports Media

Pitching and placing a story in media outlets takes research, patience and strategy. However, the rewards of having your brand and products appear in publications, television or online outlets viewed by millions of consumers are well worth the time and effort. Advertising in national media outlets requires a substantial marketing budget that many smaller companies simply can’t afford, but learning how to successfully pitch stories to the media can provide valuable consumer exposure for your company.

Here are some tips for effectively pitching media:

Where do I start?

  • Research and prepare!
  • Ensure you have clear objectives of what you want to achieve.
  • Request a copy of SIA’s media list from Lindsey Auer at SIA maintains an extensive database of journalists who have attended past SIA trade shows, media events or
  • have a history of covering snow sports.
  • Send your press releases to Lindsey Auer at to be posted to our website and social media outlets.
  • When pitching to a specific publication, be mindful of their niche and what they normally cover in their publication (i.e.: don’t pitch kid or women-specific products to Maxim).
  • Create several pitches to fit specific audiences such as male, female, kid-specific and match the pitch to the publication instead of sending a one-size-fits-all release.
  • Know your brand and your products. If you’re not part of the everyday business, make sure you know the ins and outs of your products and how they work.
  • When creating your pitch, think about if there is an interesting story behind your company. How it got started? Was the company passed down generationally? Does the president/owner have a compelling story?

What products should I pitch to media?

  • Products that received the most attention from retailers and press at the SIA Snow Show and available to consumers this upcoming fall/winter.
  • Journalists love to hear about what will be the “hot item” in retail stores next year.
  • Fashion-forward products that really “pop” as far as color, style, texture, technical features, etc.
  • Sometimes less is more – a short paragraph and photo of your top product plays better than pages and pages of press releases.
  • Kid-specific products – parent publications rarely get to send their staff to trade shows and want to hear about the latest in kid and family friendly products.
  • Eco-friendly products – media are always on the lookout for new, green and eco-friendly products and company practices.

How do I contact media?

It’s important to remember that journalists are constantly being approached and pitched throughout the day. Calling to check if they’ve received your press release is not a good idea – a short email is a better choice. And we can’t emphasize enough to take the time to know your audience before calling or emailing. Make sure the topic or product is relevant to their publication, website, blog or column.

There are also a couple rules when sending emails to journalists. Keep email’s short and sweet– text should not exceed three paragraphs. And, never attach large image files, which can be time consuming to download and carry viruses. Also, avoid sending a press release or pitch on a Monday or Friday and try to send emails between 8A and 8P to avoid getting lost in inboxes overnight.


Contact Mfa Ltd., SIA’s PR Agency, at with questions or to discuss ways to maximize your company’s media exposure.