Downhill Consumer Intelligence Project

Downhill Consumer Intelligence Project

Snow sports is an industry made up of excitement, emotion, athletism, the experience of fun, family gatherings and a passion that binds all participants together into one global community of the love of snow.

Over the past forty years, our industry has seen its innovations, trend-setting breakthroughs, fashion evolutions, and new sports categories launching into the Olympic Winter Games.

Even with the many successes, there have been periods of slow growth or lagging participation and the “what do we do now?" To help find a comprehensive understanding that can tell the story of where we go next, we look to research.

The reports and content available from Phase One of the DCIP provide a robust summary of today’s consumers and present a road map to stimulating growth in snow sports participation and sales into our future.

Through a collective and collaborative process of the Downhill Intelligence Consumer Project (DCIP), we now have a keen understanding and detailed insight of the:

  • Demographic Participant Base Make-Up
  • Common Barriers to Entry and Participation
  • Findings of Traditional Ways to Grow the Sport

Understanding current social trends can help players in the snow sports market exploit opportunities, and help industry brands avoid the pitfalls of missing a trend. #SIAdata

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The DCIP Dashboard

The DCIP Dashboard is a super-charged intelligence tool SIA members can use to explore consumers’ intent to purchase a wide variety of snow sports gear.

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Downhill Consumer Intelligence Report

Downhill Consumer Intelligence Project

The Downhill Consumer Intelligence Project (DCIP) is a collaboration with more than 20 research and non-profit organizations. DCIP is the first research effort in a decade focused on developing a comprehensive and current understanding of alpine and snowboard consumers that will guide strategies and tactics to grow snow sports participation. 

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Social Trends

Brands that understand their customers’ lifestyle and build around it have a distinct advantage over brands that fail to keep up. And it’s not easy keeping up these days.
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The DCIP Dashboard

The DCIP Dashboard is a super-charged intelligence tool SIA members can use to explore consumers’ intent to purchase a wide variety of snow sports gear.  

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Junior girls snowboarding equipment sales grew 36% in dollars sold this year.

Key Datasets

Many datasets provide us with important empirical information about consumer trends, retail sales trends, weather trends, and cultural trends. The DCIP study includes thorough analysis of a wide variety of these datasets.   

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More than 60% of skiers and riders say that they have a closer relationship with the people they ski and snowboard with.

Key Trends

Key consumer and market trends help us determine what consumers are looking for in the snow sports market. Whether it is a big trend like the accelerating diversification of the population, or a small trend like the stunning growth curve of action camera sales and the emergence more than 80,000 videos of snowboarding in back yards across the country on social media, it’s worth keeping up.

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Snow Sports Consumer Research History

SIA has conducted many consumer studies over the past 35 years. The Downhill Consumer Intelligence Project is analogous deep dive efforts conducted in 1978, 1989, and 1999. The last report conducted by Sergio Zyman, the former chief marketing officer of Coca-Cola recommended segmenting marketing messages and targeting consumers with “laser focus.” Learn more about past research efforts and findings here.

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Growth Efforts in Related Industries

Many industries including golf, tennis, running, and skateboarding are working to grow their participant bases and gear sales. We are collaborating with all the these organizations to share lessons learned, compare research notes and methods, and find commonly effective ways to grow participation in physical activities.

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What Snow Sports Consumers are Saying

SIA conducts regular surveys of the Snow Sports Insiders Panel to find out what snow sports consumers are thinking and doing. We use the data to tease trends out of what they are saying. Additionally, we are conducting special consumer studies with other organizations including Label Networks and RRC Associates specifically for the DCIP.

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Current Snow Sports Growth Programs

There are many programs working to bring new participants to the slopes and into the snow sports community. You will find information and links about the Bring a Friend program, Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month, World Snowboard Day, Winter Trails, Snowpass and Passport programs for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders, and many more programs. 

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80% of snowboarders are under 35 years old and 51% of them are between the ages of 18 and 34.

DCIP Collaborators

Many organizations are collaborating with SIA to complete the Downhill Consumer Intelligence Project including many in the snow sports industry like the National Ski Areas Association, and some that you might not expect like the National Golf Foundation. 

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Ask SIA Research

SIA Research would like to hear from you when you have questions about the snow sports consumer, the snow sports market, current trends in snow sports or other research topics. 

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More than 90% of snow sports participants under 35 check their social media accounts every day.

Consumer Profiles

Understanding your customers is key to staying relevant in a rapidly shifting marketplace. In today’s multi-tiered media environment, marketing to one “general” group is unlikely to engage anyone; instead, it is crucial to create targeted messaging to different audiences to ensure that your message is received and understood by as many people as possible.  

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