The DCIP Dashboard

The DCIP Dashboard

The DCIP Dashboard is a super-charged intelligence tool SIA members can use to explore consumers’ intent to purchase a wide variety of snow sports gear.

Dashboard users have access to dynamic demographic metrics (users are free to choose from a variety of categories within metrics) including age, income, ability levels, participation frequency, gender, snow sports discipline (skier and/or snowboarder) and equipment age. The dashboard effectively summarizes the results of a sample of more than 100,000 surveys performed in-person on the snow at resorts. The Dashboard also provides users with intent to purchase and average equipment age by state.

For example, do you want to know what males in the 18 to 25 year age category, with household income of $50K or more, who ski 5 to 7 times a season, and consider themselves advanced skiers intend to purchase most? Are they more likely to buy skis than a female in the same demographic category? What if they come from a household with $150K annual income or more? How do they compare to older skiers? What about snowboarders? You can answer all of these questions and more with a few clicks on the DCIP Dashboard.

Dashboard Access

To access the dashboard, all users must download the latest version of Tableau, a software application that anyone can download free of charge.

Download the Tableau Reader



SIA Members

Contact SIA Research Director, Kelly Davis, or 435.657.5155 to receive access to the DCIP Dashboard. This is included in your SIA Membership at no charge.


Rate is $3750. Contact SIA’s Kelly Davis for order and access.