Rental Equipment Survey

Ski and Snowboard Rental Equipment Survey

The Rental Equipment Survey Report is fielded annually with more than 200 rental shop respondents who provide detailed information about their operations, including:

  • Budget
  • How many customers expected
  • Types and quantity of equipment carried
  • When and how much they plan to purchase
  • A list of more than 150 qualified rental equipment leads with full contact information.

Did You Know?

  • Over 60% of shops rent alpine equipment to over 5,000 alpine skiers each season?
  • Nearly two-thirds plan to purchase alpine and snowboard rental equipment during the months of March or April.
  • Almost 40% replace all or some part of their snowboard rental inventory annually.
  • More than half plan to purchase Nordic rental equipment made specifically for women.
  • Over one-fourth rent telemark equipment to over 100 telemark skiers each season.
  • Four out of ten report that more than half of the helmets they purchase are used for rental purposes.

SIA releases The Rental Equipment Survey of U.S. and Canadian rental operations in November. The SIA Rental Equipment Survey Report, valued at $599, is free to SIA Supplier and Rep members.

The SIA 2015 Rental Equipment Survey Report tracks planned rental equipment purchases by resorts over a four-year period. It provides the ultimate tool for tracking leads and potential business. It highlights which resorts will purchase, what they will purchase and the approximate budget.

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