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SIA and The NPD Group – Sports and Leisure Trends have worked together for over 30 years, providing the snow sports industry with exclusive market data detailed down to the brand, model, unit and dollar sale.

Many business situations call for a deeper level of market data that measures sales at the brand and model level. SIA’s Snow Sports data subscription produce by the NPD Group – Sports and Leisure Trends, provides this level of data for six categories and a total of 36 product segments, including those below. Subscribers can view sales in dollars and in units, inventories, sell-through, average cost, average price, and margins for sales in specialty shops, online, and in chain stores. The data is delivered to a dynamic portal on a monthly basis, six times during the snow sports season. (August through March).

  • Alpine Equipment
  • Snowboard
  • Nordic Equipment
  • Apparel
  • Equipment Accessories
  • Apparel Accessories

How Can I Use It?

SIA’s Snow Sports Data gives SIA Members a competitive edge, whether you’re a supplier trying to design products with the attributes customers desire most, a rep keeping track of the velocity of sales in a particular category, or a retailer looking for the hottest selling product categories in freestyle snowboards, backcountry skis, insulated tops or hundreds of other detailed categories.

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