Snow Sports Consumer Profiles

Snow Sports Consumer Profiles

Engaging Your Customers in Snow Sports

Download Engaging Gen YUnderstanding your customers is key to staying relevant in a rapidly shifting marketplace. In today’s multi-tiered media environment, marketing to one “general” group is unlikely to engage anyone; instead, it is crucial to create targeted messaging to different audiences to ensure that your message is received and understood by as many people as possible. This series of reports is designed to help you understand a variety of consumers, their communication styles and favored vehicles for communication. SIA has broken down the snow sports market consumer base by age groups, or generations to help you communicate and engage each group more effectively.

Currently, members of Generation Y, the Millennials, make up the majority of snow sports consumers and soon their children will be taking their first lessons on the slopes. The snow sports market must understand what motivates this generation in order to stay relevant in a world overcrowded entertainment and product options. This report is designed to help you better understand the characteristics of this generation not only in terms of labels and vague character traits, but in terms of the environment they adapted to as they became adults with hundreds of billions of dollars in spending power.

Download Engaging Gen Y

Upcoming versions:

Gen Z in Snow Sports – a report on the next generation to arrive in snow sports, understanding kids born between 2001 and 2013.

Gen X in Snow Sports – understanding and communicating with snow sports consumers age 35 to 50.

Baby Boomers in Snow Sports – reporting on the ongoing influence of the generation that changed everything.

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