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For access to snow sports vendors, their websites and various educational business resources, simply click any of the blocks on the right to explore SnowSports B2B and our Industry + Intelligence 365 Program.

In addition, you can find detailed education tips and company listings on Snowsports B2B:

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  • Insurance Providers
  • Marketing/PR Firms
  • POS Systems
  • Product Development Firms
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  • "To be successful in today’s environment, both brands and retailers need to be equipped with the tools that allow them to analyze their business and make smart, fact-based decisions." Jared Bevens
    General Manager, VF Action Sports
  • "SIA represents the pulse of the snow industry and being a member means you are supporting a trade organization that is absolutely focused on maintaining a healthy industry today and into the future." Paisley Stout
    Product Line Manager, Patagonia, Snow and Alpine
  • "My SIA membership has helped me establish relationships with new clients several times now, and has proven to be a valuable resource for connecting with people in all areas of the snow sports industry." John Martin
    Owner, Martin Sports Design
  • Finding trustworthy vendors is tough, it’s great to know SIA and SnowSportsB2B can help with the process Lauren Wenzel
    Snowmass Sports

Resource Center

Do you have a list of POS systems for my shop that have rental capabilities?

Yes, we have several. Use our B2B Directory and look up our providers in the “Point of Sales Services” category. Need assistance or a custom list? Contact Tom Davis at

Do you have member companies that provide swag and other promotional material?

Yes, use our B2B Directory and search by key word “promotional.” Need assistance or a custom list? Contact Tom Davis

How do I get started with e-commerce? I’d like to learn more before I dive in.

You can use the B2B Directory to look up our members in the “E-commerce Services” category. We have several e-commerce member companies that are willing to educate and introduce you to the process. If you’d like to learn more about e-commerce, check out our Digital Hub to read industry best practices.

Do you have insurance provider member companies that special in action sports?

Yes, in fact, we have member companies that specialize in insuring all aspects of the snow sports industry; retail, manufacturing, resort and personal. Use our B2B Directory and search the service category “Insurance.”

Do you have member companies that provide Stock Fixtures, POP and Display services?

Yes, we have several. Use our B2B Directory and search by key words “POP or Display.” Contact Tom for a comprehensive list or check-out the “Visual Merchandising Resource Library

Do you have any resources for merchandising ideas?

You can use our Visual Merchandising Resource Library for monthly tips and pointers. Our B2B Directory also has category for retail services providers

I have a new product/service in the works. Do you have suggestions for a R&D firm or product development consultants?

We have everything from freelance designers, R&D companies and even IP Law firms. We can provide a comprehensive list of member companies to help you get your product concept moving. Contact Tom Davis for a comprehensive list or search our B2B Directory and use categories like Design and Legal services.

I’m currently looking for a new Marketing/PR agency that understands snow sports. Do you have any suggestions?

We have several Marketing/PR agencies that support the industry and have proven track records in snow sports. Use our B2B Directory and use the Advertising/PR/Marketing Firm category for a full list. Need assistance? Contact Tom