Winter Sports Initiatives


winter_feels_good_logo_164_x_200_detailedlisting  Winter Feels Good

Launched in 2003, the Winter Feels Good initiative is dedicated to promote the health, fitness and social benefits of snow sports and to teaching “best practices” for learning.  Visit


    Winter Trails

Winter Trails

Launched in 1995, Winter Trails continues to be one of the industry’s largest demos designed to bring newcomers into snow sports. It offers children and adults an opportunity to try snowshoeing and/or cross country skiing FREE at nearly 100 locations. Since its inception, the program has attracted more than 100,000 children and adults. Visit

Snow Link

Snowlink content is tailored for the adult/parent audience and provides content on gear, preparing for a winter sports vacation, where to go, health and safety tips, FAQ’s, useful links and more. Visit

Other Resources

Ship Your GearAs though gas prices, economic concerns and global warming weren’t bad enough for our industry, now airline baggage fees are adding yet another travel fee for consumers. This SIA initiative, Ship Your Gear, fights back against the airlines and declining equipment sales letting consumers know that shipping their own gear is an easy alternative. Use the components in this tool kit to help spread the word to your accounts and customers that there is an alternative to paying the airline baggage fees.