Retailer to Consumer Marketing Guide Addendum

Retailer to Consumer Marketing Guide Addendum

The Retailer to Consumer Marketing Guide in Action

This year we expanded on last year’s Retailer to Consumer Marketing Guide with an addendum that shows examples of marketing ideas from the guide beyond the traditional advertising that you’re already doing right: Facebook posts, Event ads and even Pinterest or Instagram contests. Here are a few tips that show you how its marketing ideas can be implemented to create a buzz for your shop. For more ideas, download a PDF of the Retailer to Consumer Marketing Guide in Action Addendum.

Download the Addendum (PDF)

Instagram - Broken Stuff Contest

Here are a few tips that show you how marketing ideas can be implemented to create a buzz for your shop.


Facebook - New Gear

These regular customers, the avid — or at least annual — participants, want to talk about your shop, the snow and the sport. Be sure to speak to them often!


In-Store Event - Kids Clinics

Talk to a local expert from a ski camp or school and invite them to speak to kids one evening where they can promote their school/camp/resort to parents and kids.


Merchandising and In-store Marketing Strategies

In addition to traditional and online advertising and marketing, one of the largest branding elements of your business is how you merchandise your retail store. Part II of this year’s Retailer to Consumer Marketing Guide Addendum is dedicated to supply you with fresh ideas and tips on how to create a unique and engaging shopping experience that drives customers to the cash register and gain their loyalty so they return often. Below are some highlights from the addendum.

For more tips, download the PDF in its entirety

Merchandising Ideas

  1. Uline is just one company that makes gift-wrap display units. Grab one and offer free gift-wrapping to convert holiday shoppers into frequent customers. During especially busy days, offer to wrap and have the customer pick it up at a later time. Don’t ever say you’re too busy.
  2. Get an early start on buying holiday decorations while the selection is still good. Have fun with non-traditional colors.
  3. Gift tables are a must for the holiday shopper. Create different tables for different tastes: men, women, tweens. Offer lots of gift ideas in one central location. Gift tables are a big-time instigator of impulse purchases.
  4. Using wood is always a cheap and easy way to decorate for the holidays – and showing them stacked up like your season stash lends a homey, cabin-in-the-woods feeling.
  5. A quick and simple holiday display idea: tie ornaments with ribbon and attach to a branch, then attach the branch to the ceiling with fishing line.
  6. Even little touches like a small tree are nice touches for the holidays.
  7. Remember all religions during the holidays. Boxes of matzo are a fun addition under a Christmas tree.
  8. Floating boxes wrapped in newsprint are an inexpensive way to do a holiday display when time is tight.

Key Merchandising Opportunities


Holidays and gifts! Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year's Eve.

The holiday season can make or break your budget for the year. It’s THE time to move merchandise. Plan for holiday merchandising in the fall. Have decorations, signage and gift boxes ready to go. Don’t let other aspects of your business suffer because you are busy. Keep the store neat. Check dressing rooms often to assist customers and get that merchandise back on the floor. Change mannequins and gift tables every few days. Keep the stock rotating. When it comes to décor, focus on evoking that holiday nostalgia with the senses. Serve mulled cider and put out cinnamon pinecones. Holiday music is a no-brainer. There’s nothing wrong with gently nudging your shoppers in the direction of the cash register by evoking the holiday mood.

Merchandising and In-Store Marketing Strategies