Tuning Service Advertising Campaign

Snow Gear Tuning & Service Advertising Campaign

Tuning & Service Advertising Campaign

Good tuning and service can make or break a day out on the hill. With properly tuned equipment, your customers' skis and snowboards will perform like they are designed, giving them the best experience on snow.

With direction from SIA's Retailer Advisory Committee, we've developed a few standard postcard templates to use for your shop mailing. Simply insert your logo and pricing and send it out to your customer list.

By offering some helpful education on tuning you can get your customer back into the shop for another visit.

To Get Started:

  1. Select a Postcard Design; Generic Ski/Snowboard, Ski-Only, Snowboard-Only, Mountain
  2. Drop In Your Logo and Pricing Details
  3. Print and Mail

Postcard Designs

Click on titles to view a larger image of each card.

Broken Board

Download: PDF | InDesign

Tune Up

Download: PDF | InDesign


Download: PDF | InDesign

Printing & Mailing – The Leisure Trends Group

If you need help with the tuning & service postcards, the Leisure Trends Group offers comprehensive direct marketing services for the snow sports industry and would be happy to manage Leisure Trends Groupyour printing and mailing project.

Below are pricing packages for quantities of 1,000, 2,500 and 5,000. The Leisure Trends Group can print and mail any quantity you need. Call for a quote.

If your customer names and addresses are on paper forms, the Leisure Trends Group also offers cost-effective data entry services.

Sample Costs

Quantity: 1,000

  • Total Cost: $1,665
  • Unit Cost: $1.67

Quantity: 2,500

  • Total Cost: $2,328
  • Unit Cost: $.93

Quantity: 5,000

  • Total Cost: $3,493
  • Unit Cost: $.64

To receive a customized print and/or mail quote, contact Jorja Darby at the Leisure Trends Group.
P: 802-773-3131
E: jdarby@leisuretrends.com