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2012-2013 Retail to Consumer Marketing Guide


August 30, 2012

As we come off a tough retail season to say the least, it is our mission to help retailers recharge their business for 2012-2013. This Marketing Guide is one of several SIA initiatives designed to help increase participation and stimulate purchase of new product from your store. Take the time to refresh yourself with the latest—and most affordable—ways to connect with your customer and strengthen your community.

This guide is packed with 24 different campaigns, separated into four segments of the season. Each campaign offers ad and postcard headlines, radio ads, several social media posts, html emails complete with images, and even in-store event ideas. Follow the messages inside the the Retail Marketing Calendar. Use them as suggested, or customize them to meet your needs—it’s up to you. Either way, you’re sure to engage your customer and help increase traffic to your store.

What else is in the Guide?

This Marketing Guide is just an example of the many programs and efforts SnowSports Industries America makes for the industry. It offers comprehensive, multi-faceted marketing campaigns to implement for your shop. We’ve separated the snow season into four two-month segments, and suggest a variety of campaigns for each segment. Each campaign offers several different media vehicles to deliver your message, and is further broken down by sport. It’s prepared so you can literally copy and plug in the ideas, or you can use them as a starting point, further customizing them to best serve your shop and community needs.