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2012 SIA Snow Sports Women’s Intelligence Report Spoiler #SIAdata


By: SIA’s Market Research Associate,
Emily O’Hara
October 11, 2012



What skis and snowboards were most popular amongst women last season? What sport brings in the most female participants? Find answers to those questions and more in the 2012 SIA Snow Sports Women’s Market Intelligence Report out on Tuesday, October 16. The Women’s Report is designed to give you a full perspective on what is happening with the market that brought in $973M in sales last season, beyond what you can saw in the Full Market Intelligence Report, released September 2012.

Here’s a taste of what you will find:

  • Women are catching onto the fat ski trend, women’s 95-100mm flat skis were up 16%.
  • More women participate in snowshoe than any other snow sport.
  • Women’s freestyle snowboards were popular this season, up 14%.

Keep an eye on your inbox this Tuesday for the link to download the report, which is free to members and $425 to non-members.