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A Day in the Life: Adam Greene, Scott USA’s U.S. Marketing Manager


Adam GreeneRecently, Adam Greene, U.S. Marketing Manager at Scott USA, took some time out of his busy schedule to catch up with SIA. Adam grew up on Vashon Island, WA. His family moved to the area 35 years ago when his father, Rich Greene, took a position at K2, where he still works to this day. After high school, Adam attended Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA and graduated with a degree in Business/Marketing.

With guidance from his father, Adam knew that he wanted to pursue a career within the actions sports industry. He was passionate about getting into an industry that suited his lifestyle. Growing up in the industry, Adam had the privilege to be around people that inspired him and helped guide him in the direction that he finds himself today.

SIA: How did you get involved in the industry/action sports? What about Scott?
Adam: From day one, I knew I wanted to work in the action sports industry. I took every opportunity to network, intern and try new experiences. Throughout high school and college I was able to work for K2, which included working abroad one summer in Klosters, Switzerland for their Swiss distributor in the bicycle department. The experience with K2 brought me closer to the bicycle industry, which inspired me to pursue a career in the bicycle industry. After college, I started with Softride Bicycles in inside sales where I remained for almost five years working my way up to sales and marketing manager before leaving to join Scott. I spent two years at Scott working as a product manager in the motocross division (another passion of mine) before moving over to my current position as the U.S. Marketing Manager.

Adam and daughter AnjaSIA: As Scott’s US Marketing Manager, what does a typical day look like for you?
Adam: My role has me involved not only in Wintersports, but also Motocross, Cycling, and Running. Each division requires daily involvement, but I tend to focus more on a particular category when it’s in season or needed the most. A typical day usually consists of communicating with our European marketing group concerning timing of projects, key events or feedback on product. As our art department in the U.S. is responsible for producing and creating the majority of our global marketing and advertising collateral, I spend every day discussing various projects or brand initiatives with our art group. Other day-to-day tasks include; reviewing budget numbers to assure we’re on track for the month or year, discussing current projects or ideas with our web team and reviewing plans and proposals for new displays or branding campaigns. I find daily communication with all team members is the best way to manage and keep tabs on what’s going on.

Other than work related activities I maintain a healthy lifestyle by taking advantage of being located in Sun Valley, ID. A typical lunch hour in the summertime consists of mountain biking and in the winter downhill or XC skiing. Enjoying the sports we market and sell is an important part of our corporate culture.

SIA: What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Adam: The most rewarding part is seeing the results of hard work. It’s personally gratifying seeing something that our team was responsible for producing gain a favorable result, and ultimately achieve the goal of elevating our brand.

Adam GreeneSIA: How has the action sports marketplace evolved over the last several years?
Adam: The action sports marketplace is as much about marketing an image as it is about selling product. Meaning, what’s perceived as core, youthful and trendy, is what drives sales of products, both mainstream and sport specific. Many action sports companies realize that their image sells, but that it’s easier to grow in broader markets than it is in action sports. Companies such as Scott have identified these key growth areas, Outdoor being one of them, to use our core image to drive sales in new and larger categories.

SIA: Scott covers many sectors of the action sports industry. What are some of the challenges you face when marketing to so many different audiences?
Adam: With such a broad coverage in the action sports industry, it’s important for us to maintain our brand identity across all categories. By maintaining a strong global branding strategy in areas such as packaging, advertising and our website, we have increased the recognition and awareness of the Scott brand.

As a Wintersports, cycling, motocross and running company, it’s important for us to be authentic in each of these categories. Knowing that there will be overlap at times, our challenge is to focus our message and be clear on who we are and who we’re marketing to. I have found this is best accomplished by employing passionate people who identify with the specific category and customer.

SIA: If you weren’t working at Scott, what would you be doing? Dream job?
Adam: A childhood dream of mine was to compete in the Winter Olympic Games as a U.S. skier. So if I had the time, money and most importantly skills, I would be a U.S. athlete preparing for the 2014 Winter Olympics in any of the ski events.

Adam GreeneSIA: What are a few communication/marketing lessons that you can give out? Top tips

  1. Knowledge is king. I recommend, whenever you have the chance, to listen to pod casts or take an online tutorial to learn more about an emerging technology or alternative way to market your product or service.
  2. Surround yourself with good people who are passionate and motivated.  
  3. Be a good listener and always take the time to hear what people have to say. Many good ideas can come out of this.
  4. If there’s a problem, discuss it with your employee or team member before it becomes a bigger problem. Avoid relying on email, text or chat and speak to the person face to face or over the phone.

SIA: Overall feelings about the 2010/11 Season (industry/company)? Lows and highs? What’s up for next year?
Adam: A good snow year and mending economy has everyone in a good mood, but summertime blues with continuing increases in oil, cotton and paper has us all tightening up.  I feel consumers will continue to spend on quality innovative products, which is what Scott has built its company on. I remain optimistic heading into this winter.

What are some of your summer plans? Both professional and personal?
Adam: I’m looking forward to seeing the debut of some exciting new bicycles and accessories set to launch in July. Our bike division has had a banner year and it’s been great to see the many accomplishments achieved by this division. Otherwise, I plan on spending as much time with my two-year old daughter, Anja, and wife Jamey.

SIA: Anything to add?
Adam: A big thanks to the SIA for helping grow our sport and industry.