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Chance to Join NFL to “Kick Hunger” in U.S., Grow Wise Leaders and Enhance Spring Snows as a RIO+20 Model


By Olympic skier Suzy “Chapstick” Chaffee

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First Ladies, Lady Bird Johnson, Rosalyn Carter and Betty Ford with Rep Bella Abzug and Olympians Donna deVarona and Suzy Chaffee jubilantly finishing 2,000 mile Women’s Torch Relay in 1977. Runners enjoyed Lady Bird’s “Keep America Beautiful” wild flowers, which restored vast food acres from erosion!

Coaching some of the 49ers and Bengals at a fun spring ski weekend in Vail after their Super Bowl, I found the team spirit and big hearts of these football heroes contagious! That is why I was especially touched watching this year’s Super Bowl players, whose goal is to “Kick Hunger” in the U.S. by supporting food banks in every NFL city. Since the U.S. is the only developed country still having millions of hungry citizens, I wondered if U.S. skiers and snowboarders would want to be part of this beautiful team effort, especially if there was an easy long term solution.

Might snow sports lovers and Olympians worldwide also care that a billion of our Earth Family members, half children, are starving?

Since by our ski communities outreaching tribal youth and hosting Gratitude Snowdances we are helping heal and prevent possible earth changes, such as earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, fires, and freaky weather, I also wondered if a hunger outreach would be yet another good way to heal? The hurricane/flood in my home state of Vermont that destroyed roads and electricity showed us how vulnerable our sports are, especially this pivotal 2012.

So I asked a gifted Earth healer, Cherokee Olivia Ellis, PHd, and the answer was a resounding “YES!” Any kind of heart healing reduces earth changes by releasing negative energy absorbed by the land from our actions and thoughts. And restoring Nature’s cycles enhances normal abundant snow. As you will see from our United Nations story link below, an easy solution to ending hunger and malnutrition in the U.S., as well as worldwide, is through planting organic fruit trees, especially at schools. And that includes mountain communities where the healthiest fresh organic produce is not always available or affordable.

The First Lady of Organic Gardens, Michelle, agreed with David on the Letterman Show in March that the U.S. could kick hunger. That was corroborated by Olivia, who is also a Master Gardener, bringing to light the resources. She said “there are FREE organic fruit trees from the State Forestry Departments available through the Jr. and Master Gardeners and 4H in each U.S. county, as well as provinces in Southern Canada. And there are thousands of us happy to coach your schools in planting these fruit trees…for FREE!” has a California model that rocks! Their “Fruit Tree Tour” takes a busload of green-thumbed youth with a band to help students and teachers create orchards with the FREE trees they bring. Anyone could quarterback a program like this for your school in the U.S. and world, which can “feed 1,000 children for 100 years!”

Russian Forestry adviser to the U.N., Leonid Sharashkin PhD, a skier, says “planting fruit trees pulls up water from the aquifers and also puts more moisture back into our mountain ecosystems diminished by cutting trees for trails and communities. (That is why overbuilt valleys lose their snow. Conversely, planting fruit trees enhances naturally abundant snow cycles.) It is also the solution to end the direst famines in the Sub Saharan Africa and help prevent the increasing droughts and floods expected globally.”

As you will see from a (free) forest school nestled next to Siberia’s majestic mountains and Sochi, host of 2014 Winter Olympics, Russian children eating organic fruits and vegetables, (like 35 million Russian families now), combined with connecting with the “spirituality of forests,” are capable of phenomenal accelerated learning and creativity. See That spirituality was recognized in 1992 by 10 UN countries, including the U.S! But who knew?
Fortunately, our tribes have been helping provide that for many mountain communities through the Snowdance phenomena snowballing across North America helping restore snow to droughted regions, starting with the 1960 Squaw Valley Olympics. It is thanks so much to trendsetting ski areas hosting Native ski and snowboard programs that inspired the Elders to gladly cooperate, plus snow melt is key to the water and food supply for Man and Nature.

Your spreading the word and connecting your school with Master Gardeners to plant organic fruit trees this spring, and then an organic vegetable garden so kids will get one super healthy meal a day, will help create lean, clean, happier generations with extraordinary tools to solve the eco crisis we have left them. (Pesticides attack the brain and lower IQ’s.) Scientists say we urgently need more bold practical solutions and miracles, like these.

Already the skiers in DC have been the greatest guardians of our environment. For example, the late Senator John Chafee (R), a relative, who was respected for working harmoniously on both sides of the aisle, was an author of the amendments that strengthened the Clean Air, Water and Endangered Species Acts in the mid 90’s.

Avid Colorado skier, Senator Frank Lautenberg (D) banned smoking in airplanes and public places. After getting cancer from the toxins also in foods and products, he is protecting all Americans, especially our vulnerable children, by authoring the Safe Chemicals Act, modeled after the E.U’s. If you are frustrated with our leaders today, then let’s grow more wise cooperative, harmonious ones, modeled after Nature.

The U.S. has only banned five toxins compared to the E.U.’s 35, and they have been enjoying better snow. Those toxins end up in smog clouds that blanket our mountains with poisons, which lower their vibration and interfere with natural snow cycles, and the black soot accelerates melting our glaciers.

That is why New Zealand, a solar energy leader with powerful Maori ceremonies, enjoys consistent abundant snow. Their Elders who have environmental exchanges with Stanford, also led a world prayer to help stop Mother Earth’s bleeding heart (gushing oil) in our Gulf of Mexico. “The region where people stand when they pray is also purified and blessed,” explained Dr. Ellis. “Plus those who stop nuclear use are the greatest heroes of all time.”

As a result of Austria being nuclear-free and inventing a way to powerfully revitalize their waters, even their low altitude ski areas, like Kitzbuhl, need very little snowmaking and can drink out of their streams again.Therefore enlightening your representatives, buying all natural products, shifting to electric cars, and ski areas especially to wind and solar energy, are long term answers, as snowdances are BAND-AIDS. This is a Global Emergency!

Anyone can be a part of these FREE Solutions NOW. So if your ski area does not have Native ski outreach yet, encourage them to host even one day of skiing and boarding this spring with a Gratitude Snowdance to give thanks for whatever snow you have been blessed with. Meanwhile, if the snow is melting (or to keep ideal snow) join with a friend(s) and sincerely thank Creator and Mother Earth for the snow you have enjoyed in the past, and give thanks in advance for the blissful powder. Telluride, Taos, Mammoth, Sevens Pass and Mt Hood Meadows have had the most consistent snow likely thanks to pioneering on-going Native ski and snowboard programs in their states.

The hurting Midwest and Eastern ski areas, where Billy Kidd (Vt Abenaki) and I are from, can also attract more snow like the Western ski Areas by opening their hearts to these FREE spiritual solutions, since a number of ski areas together help create regional weather systems.

Even before the UN’s 192 countries recognized two years ago that Mother Earth is an infinitely wise, loving, compassionate being, many ski areas learned that Mother Earth is so generous when given a little appreciation, when their spring slush or grass turned into powder during their Gratitude Snowdances. Talk to Telluride, Vail, Aspen, Sunlight, Steamboat, Park City, Squaw Valley, Heavenly, Snow Valley, Mt Hood, Spirit Mt, Ascutney (VT) and Whistler ski areas about these phenomena.

The latest touching outreach is U.S. Nordic Olympian Lars Flora, who is launching with fellow Olympians a Native Alaskan XC Ski program in the Arctic Circle in April 9. In partnership with NANA, they are giving youth in five villages a chance to stay fit and avoid diabetes during their long winters, through the joy of skiing. Thanks also to donations by SIA’s manufacturers, like Obermeyer, this is helping keep their traditional ways in tack, which is good news for our glaciers. Special thanks to (NJ’s) Mt Creek Ski Area and SkiLogik (a tree planted for each pair of skis sold and a donation to Native ski programs), Mountain Rider’s Alliance, and all those who have helped us bring these solutions to light.

For maps and info on U.S. tribes near you, press on January’s Snowdance Phenomena, or if you want to share amazing things that happened hosting your tribal Elders or shamen worldwide, or give our (struggling) talented Native American Olympic Team Hopefuls or our foundation a hand, contact: Since these healing deeds affect the timing and outcome of the prophesies, this is the year to be rich in karma for whatever happens!

Thank you to those who included Mother Earth in your hearts on Valentine’s Day for helping prolong everyone’s snowblessings. Keep experimenting to help create a Victory for Team Humanity in this “Super Bowl of Mother Earth” – and a chance to include your family in this radiant NEW ERA.

See more groundbreaking details in our UN-ENewsChannels-World Olympic story, which includes the Great Coach behind the tree solution, links to the FREE resources, and snow secrets of other countries. This is the latest critical recommendation by the Elders in preparation for Rio+20, strongly encouraged by the UN’s Sustainability Division and International Ski leaders, especially SIA President David Ingemie and the Austrians.

More First Ladies Caption: U.S. women celebrated how far they had come thanks also to sports and teamwork, by running from NY’s Seneca Falls to “Women’s International Year” at Houston.  (Seneca Falls was birthplace of the Suffragettes first adopted by the (sporty) Seneca Clan Mothers, who also trained and chose the Iroquois Chiefs who created the first equalitarian democracy now “springing” up everywhere.) The resulting progress by females worldwide and the US, thanks also to Title 1X, which helped create a lot more happy healthy sports families, including snowsports, was celebrated on March 8, UN’s International Women’s Day.

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